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The Myth of the Obama Mandate

We don't want another Neo-Conservative Republican occupying the Presidency. That doesn't mean we want a Progressive Marxist Democrat either, but that was the only other choice, C'est la vie.

We know nothing changes from mainstream media chosen puppet to chosen presidential puppet. We know there will be no major "Policy" changes from one president to the next. Monetary Policy will remain the same. Foreign Policy will remain the same. Trade Policy will remain the same. All Status Quo policies will remain the same. That is why it doesn't matter which president you get. That is why it was acceptable for the Liberty Movement faction of the Republican Party to put Obama In again.

I personally voted for Obama for various reasons that worked for me.

1) The liberal lunatics are mathematically challenged, don't understand monetary policy, and need to re-learn their math lessons. It's a 100% mathematical certainty there will be a complete and total economic collapse no matter if a D or an R won the presidency in 2012. The Democrats also need to own their fair share of the blame for the economic collapse. If we got Ron Paul in 2008, the level of economic pain would have been vastly reduced and real policy changes made.

2) The Neo-Con Republicans need to learn there is a new "Sheriff" in town and the power of whom their dealing with. That was demonstrated by the Liberty Republicans who voted 3rd party, wrote in Ron Paul, sat out the election in disgust, or voted directly for Obama like me as an act of revenge.

Make no mistake, the reason Obama got in is because of us. His win doesn't give him a "Mandate" to do more damage to our Republic, and we're still here to make sure of that.

There are more reasons to have Obama in at this time for teachable moments to both parties. Feel free to add to the list. Enjoy this short clip I posted from the Alex Jones Show.

Alex Jones Caller, Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012

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