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White House: claims of US collusion with Taliban 'categorically false'

Obama spokesman rejects Karzai's criticism of US as Afghan in police uniform kills seven including two American troops

The White House rejected as "categorically false" a claim by Afghan president Hamid Karzai that the US was effectively colluding with the Taliban in maintaining violence to prolong America's presence in the country.

Karzai's outburst on Sunday, while new US defence secretary Chuck Hagel was making his first visit to the country, highlighted tensions between Washington and the Afghan government as Nato forces withdraw from the country and negotiations continue over the number of troops to be left behind after 2014.

The White House response to Karzai's latest criticism of the US came as an Afghan dressed in a police uniform opened fire in the disputed Wardak, province killing two US soldiers and at least two Afghans.

One of the Americans killed was a special forces operative from the Green Berets, CNN reported.

Karzai had set Monday as the deadline for the withdrawal of all US special operatives from Wardak province after allegations of abuse, but the US has so far refused.


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This means the claims are true? right? :\

I'm inclined to

Believe Karzai.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Administrators always speak the truth!

"The last thing we would do is support any kind of violence, particularly involving innocent civilians."