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Do We Even Have the Full Story About Abdul Awlaki's Death?

One of the incidents which prompted Sen. Rand Paul's day-long filibuster last week was the drone strike that killed Abdul Rahman Anwar Awlaki. Abdul was the 16 year-old son of Anwar Awlaki. He was killed in an airstrike on October 14th, 2011, supposedly a bystander to an attack aimed at a major al Qaeda figure named Ibrahim al-Banna.

Looking into it over the weekend I was surprised how unclear the circumstances surrounding Abdul's death remain. The NY Times published a story Saturday detailing some of the justification used in the killing of the father, but information on Abdul's death is vague:

On Oct. 14, a missile apparently intended for an Egyptian Qaeda operative, Ibrahim al-Banna, hit a modest outdoor eating place in Shabwa. The intelligence was bad: Mr. Banna was not there, and among about a dozen men killed was the young Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, who had no connection to terrorism and would never have been deliberately targeted.

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"The intelligence was bad."

There was "collateral damage." But it was a real blow for the our team in the "war on terror."
They murdered someone, and now use politicospeak to make everyone OK with it, and they have way too much success. TWELVE INNOCENT PEOPLE WERE MURDERED for no reason, no reason at all. The "intended target" was not even there, and if he had been... still TWELVE INNOCENT PEOPLE would have died with him. No time for jury trials, we'll just send 12 people to the afterlife with you and you all can play "court" there?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: