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Tuesday, March 12th is voting day in New Hampshire, please vote!

Tuesday, March 12th 2013 is voting day in New Hampshire. Well, this week is town voting week. Most towns and school districts in New Hampshire have elections this week. Tuesday is the day most towns use. However, some towns vote on Wednesday and others on Saturday. Some towns even have traditional town meetings that last for hours. Other towns just have people go to a polling location, fill out 1-6 pages of issues and candidates, and turn in the ballot.

If you live in New Hampshire, please find out when your town votes, what issues and candidates are on the ballot, tell your friends and vote. If you know someone in New Hampshire, please remind them that their town likely has elections on Tuesday or some other day this week.

These are the most important elections in New Hampshire for 2013. Thanks for doing your part to help support liberty candidates and small government issues.

For more information, see these blogs posts and editorials.

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Today is the big voting day

Today is the big voting day in New Hampshire. You know what to do.

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