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Mo Dept Of Revenue Is Accused Of Disclosing CCW Privacy To Feds As Backdoor Registration And REAL Id..

MO Dept of Revenue is accused of disclosing CCW privacy to Feds as backdoor registration REAL ID.

In 2009 we got a bill passed in MO to block REAL ID. Apparently the DOR has taken 4 Federal grants of money to implement REAL ID. DOR testifying to the MO Senate.


The Department of Homeland Security is working with the Department of Revenue (DOR) putting in procedures that could be a path to backdoor gun registration.

The DOR is removing the state’s driver’s license processing equipment and replacing it with equipment provide by the Department of Homeland Security. This new equipment takes the information and sends it into a national database. Then, all your source documents are being scanned and being sent into the federal governments central database.

The DOR is the office which processes concealed carry licenses so I believe this is a way to back door gun registration. Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is backing a lawsuit in Stoddard County over the collection and scanning of private documents. Citizen Russ Oliver filed the law suit after he was denied his CCW after refusing to allow documents to be scanned. From Lt. Gov. Kinder’s office:

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder backs fee office
lawsuit in Stoddard County



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"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Story just got bigger. The

Story just got bigger. The DOR has accepted federal funds to break Missouri's anti REAL ID law.

I really don't know why our

I really don't know why our federal government employees hate their employers so much.

We could really use some

We could really use some exposure on this nationally.