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Another reason for the purchases ?

A fellow commented over at:


I thought hmmmmm.... very interesting thoughts on the subject.

"What I’m thinking is that I’ve read two possible reasons for these purchases – martial law / NWO takeover, and creating an artificial ammo shortage. Since the feds eventually dump all their surplus on the market, I hope it’s the latter. When that day comes I’ll clean buy enough ammo for my own 50 year war.

But there are also two more possibilities – both of which involve doing this through fed agencies and budgets to avoid having the real agenda identified or the budget expenditures questioned. One – buying this stuff to give to some other nation in secret for a coup of some kind there. Two – buying it all for use in some place like Mexico to destroy the drug cartels. If I were Mexico, I’d be worried about the expansion of US forces there helping to catch the drug runners. But most likely Venezuela and Colombia should be worrying also.

My personal opinion? I’m not sure, so I’ll consider all of them as possible. Its too weird to ignore."



"Respectable" mainstream media finally telling us what we already knew.