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Incident 1 & 2!

At the hospital where our daughter was born 3 days ago two interesting observations to share:

1 Neither my wife or myself ever signed for the Birth Certificate AND

2 I was made to feel like an imbecile for puttingmy race as HUMAN RACE...which I reluctantly changed to WHITE...

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I will contact the Dept of Human Resources...

to obtain a copy of this Birth Certificate...
one of the nurses said repeatedly we had to purchase the BC through the State and that the hospital couldn't produce it...

I will request the original long form and also inquire as to how it was created without consent of parental guardianship, because after all our daughter was 2 days old when they created it - I wonder if the creation of a legal document for a minor is an offense when the parents didn't consent to its creation?

Funny rats!

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I am curious how that certificate works out - I'll bet they start hassling you about it eventually. Congrats again!

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You heard of these things called baby showers?

Thankfully it's nothing like raining cats and dogs.

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Babies rule. Grown-ups drool.

Congratulations :)

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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You're strange...

but on many an occasion, your comments/posts have made me laugh...

therefore, you get a pass...

DP on, brother.

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Baby registration

If registration is the first step to confiscation, why do they have you register your babies?

I'd say not signing

the certificate is a good thing. I wonder if they would have cared if you had said "rat" instead of human...some people just have no sense of humor. Congratulations on your new baby!; )

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