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Hilarious North Korean Propaganda about daily Life in America

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I don't get it, how is this propaganda?

It looks like they captured Obama's America to a T.

was this

CNN, MSNBC or Foxnews?

Allen Alley??! Is that you on the video at 2:24 mark?

Narrator: "This man, former Republican candidate for Oregon, is now having to get coffee made of snow from these trucks."

The short glimpse at 2:24 on the video is inconclusive.


It's really quite easy to

use snippets of truth to concoct a story that is believable to ignorant people.

Who Was the Report For?

Must have been geared for consumption by the N. Korean ruling class (since they're the only ones with TVs).
If the peasants saw the report they would be thinking "wow, real coffee!", or "wow, they still have birds left, we consumed ours decades ago!", or "wow, if they're so starving how come there are still so many fat ones, not 85 lbs of skin and bones like all of us?"

All i keep thinking is, how

All i keep thinking is, how would country relation between nations be like, worse or better, if we didnt have news or governments telling us lies or mistruths on the national scale, or not reporting/informing when they should......

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What would be silly

What would be silly is if this was really an American govt-produced film trying to make the North Koreans look backwards, maybe to grease us up for another bombing target for the US.

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This man awaits heroin....

It just shows up.....

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FYI it's a joke, it's not

FYI it's a joke, it's not real for those thinking it is... But it's still hilarious.

That's actually Hungary, someone took video from the Hungarian news, and then threw some random north korean commentary on top of it.

There was some truth: " the

There was some truth: " the people are very happy for the handouts from their government".

Makes you wonder...

Makes you wonder how different some of these other countries are relative to the what we are fed by the mainstream media...

"Again, there are no birds in

"Again, there are no birds in the trees apart from these, which will be eaten on Tuesday. They are yummy."


What BS?

What BS? They ARE yummy, especially with a cup of hot snow.

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Assuming that English translation is correct,

I think N. Koreans would be suspicious about "drinking snow" part. And I am sure, Koreans would not believe if they are told that eating sh{i}t in gay bathhouses is considered a human behavior or warrants a license of "normalcy" - marriage license.

Dang, I thought we ate the birds on Thursday.

If you live in the south, no coffee for you!

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This is unreal. Makes you wonder what we are force fed to believe.

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Please note the begining

The Gun grabber message. It looks like USA corp/NWO propaganda to me as well. They do fear people owning guns.


This can only be countered by a Baywatch marathon

We have to somehow pipe continuous episodes of Baywatch into their system.

I nominate scdecade

as minister of propoganda in the Rand Paul administration.

I don't see any difference in

I don't see any difference in this from the propaganda we are subjected to constantly.

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Amazing. I didn't know FOX News had a station in

North Korea too.

What is the motive

For showing them that? Maybe it's just too early in the morning for me still but I don't really see the point of going through all that trouble to tell them we're all living by eating snow and birds...

It's a good thing we don't have to depend on snow, I'd be in trouble, lol! Of course I do raise my own birds (chickens ;) ).

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That is the typical propaganda

about the West that communist countries have always fed their people to keep them in line.

In the early 90's one of the reporters from a Denver daily had come from Russia to be a guest columnist. When the columnist's mother came to visit her, the daughter had to introduce her mom slowly to America's abundance so that she wouldn't have a heart attack. She knew that if she just took her mom to King Soopers (Colorado Front Range supermarket chain) right off, that her mom would believe that the market was an American government propaganda store for conning Russians into thinking that America was rich.

Seems in the first sentance, GUN GRABBING

Sounds like a US government message at the begining.


To make it seem not-so-bad

To make it seem not-so-bad over there because of Glorious Leader. They want their people to think they are the best country on Earth.

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Gee... must suck to live somewhere like that...


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I thought it may be as simple as that but thought I might be missing something. :)

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lmao Laurelai

There are no birds, and any birds one might find will be eaten Tuesday!?!?

Great find! I loved it.

Oh, and no... you cannot borrow my cup of snow; what do you expect me to drink? :)

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