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America is the most hated country on earth

The View From Abroad
by Fred Reed

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I think its important that

I think its important that people everywhere needs to make a distinction between goverments and its people when statements like these are made, i can see governments using this on its people

"You see, they hate us, they hate you for your freedom"

Blank check, possiblity of misery and a tad of ever growing tyranny.........not everyone, and not always mind you, i wont ignore good people TRYING to do good things, those that are known, and more importantly those that are not, but tyranny none the less, if there is no one fighting against it.....

....tyranny may or may not happen, the point is, if there are no checks and balances against it, then you, we can not say "tyranny is impossible"..........why, HOW?.......

that last bit was me talking to the imaginary neocon in the room

I dont like were your

I dont like were your government is headed, but the fine folks here and those who've not found you yet id support without question, I, DO NOT, hate you

With Love, European individual

it's also the most loved

country in the world.

I'd say, pound for pound, the most hated country in the world is Israel.

Why lie?

You confuse your own hatred with facts. Based on yearly reports from UN Development Program: "About the Human Development Index", Israel scored better than France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, etc.


Why lie?

You confuse hatred of another country with happiness within a country. You do this over and over to disseminate lies and propaganda about your love, Israel.

Love it all you want. Quit spewing hatred to those who simply are tired of paying for and supporting the atrocities of the Israeli government.

Yes, I have been there. It was my least favorite among thirty countries for various reasons. And as far as happiness...well...roflmao. It is number one in road rage, racist attitudes, know-it-alls, olive oils, goat cheeses, and rudeness. All, imho.

I am still trying to figure out your agenda here.

You operate on emotions, I operate on facts

You parrot hatred of others regarding Israel, I tell actual facts. For example, the claim here is that people hate USA for abducting and torturing muslim suspects (among other things.) As I posted below, an International organization recently listed 54 countries that helped CIA to abduct, transfer and torture terrorist suspects. The list included Jordan, Egypt, Poland, UK, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, Syria (!), Iran (!!!) among others. But not Israel.

Somehow Israel gets out of having their name on

any bad statistic presented here in the US. Nukes? No. of billionaires? Organ harvesting? Racism? Hatred - splc,adl - biggest hate groups around?

I don't hate any place, group, or religion. That's foolish. I do hate the fact that I am forced to limit my income and consequently taxes, so as to not be obliged to support the murder and suppression of those I do not even know. I hate the fact that those who claim to have jurisdiction over me are committing those atrocities leaving my friends, family, and me open to blowback for crap we had no part in while installing 'iron domes' in places that hate us.

You don't know me.

Don't call me a liar or presume I hate Israel. I don't.

I really do not

care about a person or personality, only his/her actions. Your posting is an action. That is the only thing I care about in the comment section.


The only thing you care about is shoveling shit information around about your love.

That is very human

You whine about Israel, daily.
I post facts as I see fit.

I whine about paying for murder and war daily.

Especially when I am forced to pay for it.

Your information hardly ever even pertains to the topics at hand.

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responding to a bot?


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Lets talk about REAL numbers

"Poll shows Iran has lost Arab support"
According to Arab-American Institute: In 2006, 75% of Arabs viewed Iran favorably. Today, it is only 25%.


Foreign Policy

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I am surprised I do not see his name mentioned on DP, but regardless I am going to put it forth now.One of the foremost and knowledgeable authors on American foreign policy and empirical interventions is William Blum. His books are available at Half.com and you can also check him out at Booksprice.com. His website is www.killinghope.org
A must read is, Freeing The World To Death ( Essays on the American Empire) After immersing oneself in Bill Blum's works, there will be no shred of doubt that we, as Americans, have been subjected to a lifetime of government indoctrination !

Jack Rose

Are folks are insane

They have lost all touch with reality. One day thay cheer of being America_first, next day they sneer about America while looking with kindness at Sharia Law.

Lew Rockwell is a bitter anarchist who replaced his rational thinking with feelings - hate. Yes, he does a great service by promoting von Mises as Rothbard did. Criticizing big government is cool too. But going into emotions is lame. And by the way, Lew, deleting von Mises passages from the later editions (where Mises had lost arguments to Ayn Rand) is not cool.

not written by lew

but by the humorous, tell-it-like-it-is expat curmudgeon fred reed. i find his articles hit and miss, but no question he nails this one.

rockwell bitter? his interviews, articles etc have never come off bitter to me, in fact like ron paul he always seems to find some reason for optimism.

You mean

by a man living in Mexico? Cool. Should 1% rich care about the hatred from proletariat?


Reed is talking US policy, not it's people.

You are barely coherant.

Think, then post, rather than the reverse.

Should 99%

of Russians, Turks and Chinese hated USA in 1905 or 1925, that would mean nothing to the correctness judgment of USA policies at the time.

Are you claiming that the...

preemptively invading
warrant-less searching

post-9-11 response of the U.S. government has been correct?

Were you also a big fan of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany? I didn't think so.


My point is that hatred of other people via polls does not reflect the correctness of the ideas in general or USA in particular. For example, free-market capitalism was hated by majority before and overwhelming majority today.

If Lew Rockwell, would occasionally post articles against choping hands under Sharia Law, I would say cool. International organization recently listed 54 countries that helped CIA to abduct, transfer and torture terrorist suspects. The list included Jordan, Egypt, Poland, UK, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, Syria (!), Iran (!!!) among others. But not Israel.

meddling, bombing, invading, droning

All coming home to roost.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Shared this on Facebook but I don't anyone will read it! That either makes me want to laugh, or cry. So I will laugh.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Fantastic article.

Dead on, humorous, and informational.

I will read more about the Great Game later.

Isn't Tblisi in Georgia though?

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Thank you for that link, dducks

Pretty fascinating. The Great Game continues...


on the head! Appart from the US, israel has zero allies...ever wonder why that is? Stereotypes don't just fall out of the sky...they're always based on truths.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

People are voting with their feet.

There were more African immigrants who wanted to enter Israel legally or illegally to live and work there than those who wanted to immigrate to a muslim country that is under Sharia law and has no oil.

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That's some hard truth right there.

Pretty sobering.