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Psychiatry's first cure! Autism!

Yes, with the mere stroke of a pen, they will "cure" 10% to 50% of autism.

"In his article, he listed the ten worst changes. These include temper tantrums, which could soon be diagnosed as Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder and the new changes for autism, which Dr. Frances says will result in lowered rates of diagnosis.

The new criteria for autism estimated by the DSM 5 work group is set to lower the rates of autism diagnosis by ten percent. However, many outside research groups estimate that this decreased rate of diagnosis could be as high as fifty percent. Dr. Frances believes that the swing is heavily weighted in favor of psychiatry and therefore will benefit the pharmaceutical industry."


The really sad part of that many of the professionals think the new manual is deeply flawed, but they will follow it to get paid.

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we can label people

but not our feed...errr food?
the more i read,the more i think i entered
a vortex and came out in another universe

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

don't forget Metadiagnosis Disorder

the diagnosing of any of the diagnoses in DSM 5

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Diagnose Everything!

Make sure it has a label!

That oughta keep them busy for the next fifty years, no doubt while enriching themselves to vast sums of insurance money and government grants!


Someone told my sister she should have her 3 yr. checked for

O.D.D.--Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He's 3 for God's sake! And throws major tantrums! Funny thing is, he usually just acts out with her! Lol!

Oppositional Defiant Disorder - called ODD for short - is a childhood mental disorder characterized by a pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior towards authority figures. To fit the diagnosis, the behavior must persist for at least six months and occur more often than might be expected for the child's age and developmental stage, as some oppositional behavior is to be expected as a child grows.

A child with ODD loses his temper easily and frequently, argues, is deliberately annoying, blames others for his mistakes, etc.

One study found that 20 percent of children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder were also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, while 45 percent of children with both ODD and Conduct Disorder also had bipolar disorder.


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LOL... I have never met a

LOL... I have never met a child that didn't "behave" better with someone other than their parents.

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It was a standard joke when my kids were in school.

You went to school conferences expecting to hear that your child was there, being your child. Instead, the teacher would tell you what a well behaved and polite boy he is... and you would sit there, not wanting to argue, but wondering if she had the right file... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My FAVORITE diagnosis!

I want that one! Can I have it please?! That is SO me... and I know I am supposed to not want labeled but if they are passing out labels, please DO label me "ODD" and explain that I oppose and defy tyranny at all levels.
Send the ODD children to me, I shall craft liberty warriors of their "oddballs".... lol!

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My diagnosis is he's 3

3 year olds can REALLY act out with their most trusted caregiver. If one didn't, I'd say they were practically missing a developmental stage.

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He's the coolest kid, until she tells him, "NO"

He's normal around everyone else. I've never had problems with him, even when I tell him "no". My mom said my sister was the same way when she was little.

Want a granny trick?

It may or may not work, but I have had success with it. Find another way to say "No."
Offer the child the power of choice, but you pick the options. "You can do this or this."
If an immediate cessation of behavior is required, distract, and go big or go home. Is the child on the floor kicking and screaming? Lay down and kick and scream louder. Just for a moment, and when the child takes that one moment of shocked silence, jump up, and say
"Well that was just silly. C'mon, lets go do..." whatever. Physically take the child's hand and lead them to another spot, even if it is just across the room. You want to condition them to think of this behavior as silly, and to be able to just stop it and move on. Obviously that won't work in public, but anything that is totally a shock to the kid will cause them to stop, for at least a moment, and you have to seize that moment with authority.
OK, there is a little hypnosis in granny's advice, but nothing that will jack with the kid's psyche.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Even if he wasn't 3, even if

Even if he wasn't 3, even if he was 30, people have emotions and freak out. They need to stop blanket labeling people and approach each case on its own.


They have made EVERY normal phase of development and every NORMAL human emotion a "diagnosis" now, indicating that nothing in human nature is transient when the truth is, almost EVERY "diagnosis" they come up with these days is something that would PASS ON ITS OWN if the person were loved and supported while they processed their issue. Instead, they are ordered to take a pill to mask all emotions and friends and family are advised to turn their back on them if they try to talk about their issues - that is just "enabling" their "mental illness." In a world of insanity, the psychiatrists are blazing the trail.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.