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Cop Searches and Handcuffs Man for Being White Video

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Good stop.

Cops were respectful, didn't waste his time beyond checking him out. There were looking for a potential prowler and it was their job to check him out and not risk him being a bad guy and assaulting them with gun or knife while they had him detained.

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This is how I'd *want* any

This is how I'd *want* any stop with a cop to go. If I was walking around at night and a cop approached me while I had a gun in my pocket and a beer in my hand I'd expect them to bust my balls for at least a half hour. This guy got cleared in less than 5 minutes and all parties were respectful. What could the cops have done differently in response to the trespassing call they received?

I've seen 1000s of videos of cops actually being dicks and breaking the law and screwing with people, whats the point of THIS video? Its an example of them actually doing their job.

-1wow. Civil rights don't


wow. Civil rights don't expire when its dark outside.


I'm glad he didn't get shot and he actually got his gun back.

Everyone who can should hit record before any interactions with LE... it's sad that it's come to that.

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just cuz he was white and they didnt even have the description of the person before they detained him. thats a lawsuit if you ask me. such bs

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that is pretty lame...
"Why do you have a flashlight?" seriously?

let me ask you something, copper, "why do YOU have a flashlight? why do YOU have a gun? why do YOU have extra magazines? a tazer? body armor, shotgun, etc... am i free to go?"

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No. There was a prowler in


There was a prowler in the area and he had an open container of Coors light.

Do prowler's usually stand

Do prowler's usually stand around with open containers?



I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.