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Sandy Springs, GA: Model of Libertarian Living


I read some news items yesterday about Atlanta’s descent into the next Detroit due to its levels of corruption, terrible management of funds and social issues. Do to these shortcomings, a logical trend has been sweeping the northern suburbs: cities seceding from Atlanta to save themselves. That in itself isn’t abundantly amazing, but Reason TV did an 8 minute mini-documentary on a city named Sandy Springs, which had seceded previously from Atlanta and has had incredible success economically and socially by outsourcing everything. We have long been proponents of this practice (as many good libertarian thinkers are) and having a working model to point to is nothing short of exhilarating. This film was made in 2011 – shame on us for not knowing about it until now!

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the company i work for sells to.

company's like these... there are some newly incorporated cities in my county that hire private companies to do the work that public utilities and public works/ maintenance would do. the cities are by far the best looking and cleanest cities in the county.

If I understood the video

If I understood the video correctly, Sandy Springs was never part of Atlanta to begin with, so there was no need to secede. All they did was incorporate as a city so that they would have more local control over some of the taxes that they pay.

Drain the swamp!

My taxes have gone down

I've lived in Sandy Springs for the past 12 years. When they created the city I just assumed that property taxes would go up just due to the loss of the economy of scale. Many were scaremongers about it. But my taxes have probably gone down about 10%. The roads have been paved very nicely and the police and other services seem to be very responsive. A few times I've seen issues, I've emailed the mayor and the issue was correctly shortly thereafter. The nice thing to boot is that they are running a surplus and have built up a nice reserve fund to pay for upcoming improvements like a new town hall and town center development.

It seemed that there had been and probably still is a lot of crony capitalism in the Atlanta City government and also Fulton County. A government closest to the people is a more responsive government.

I have not seen any speed traps around I-285.

Tim Maitski
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Might want to think twice

Might want to think twice about these two states:

1) Sandy Springs now good
2) town hall and town center development <-----centralities

Where exchange, life's main interaction, is centralized, it's only a matter of when that problems arise and envelope everyone but ensnare last those who execute the centralization.

If a person lives somewhere decentralized, that is, lives in freedom, it follows he should fight centralization, rather, he should fight things that, although on their onset are marginal and harmless in their centralizing effects, centralize him and everyone near him. As we have seen, nothing in man's existence centralizes life better than to position individuals who would trade with each other to adhere to what is external to them. To create that position requires what it's always required since the game control has existed: words on paper backed by threats or the follow through on threats. Those words, the partner in controlling exchange/trade: law.

Resist the call for centralization. Whatever its form and whatever its strength even if weak, it is to that degree the individual's thinking and acting have been removed from him. Drop the giant plans, the plans for people, for people being acceptance of the first-theorhetical-then-material en mass construct called society. Each person should live his life how he sees fit. Do it day by day. If done, which is to say if the person can think and act for himself resulting in benefit for himself and whoever acts with him, life will improve for him and that person, which is to say it will improve for everyone because everyone can think and act. Just live.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

lighten up.

city centers are what civilization is about. people gather together and share things and ideas. centralized power might be the problem. it's kind of like the Daily Paul. it's a place we can come together and share ideas.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

As I said, which is repeating

As I said, which is repeating what you said, Sandy Springs is good now and those government centralities are due to exist.

I don't know how government was and is in Sandy Springs. Judging what you said, that two centralities are due for construction, and looking at the health of cities, which have town halls, as opposed to what Sandy Springs is, a town (right?) and, I assume, doesn't have town halls or if they do then activity in them is negligible, don't you think wanting those two buildings or anything else that shows government is involved in life would oppose freedom?

Returning to the two statements above, they contrast each other. Big time. Just think, Was there a substantial change in Sandy Springs between when it was in bad shape and now, when it's in good shape? Did Sandy Springs escape or detach from something? If so, what is the thing, not the city, but the thing -- the nature, the governance, perhaps? -- Sandy Springs detached from? If SS didn't escape anything but altered something (also a change of nature) that brought about its improvement, say, an alteration that enabled its citizens to do for themselves, then acknowledge and accept that alteration, which is to say let the facts stand, let the obvious speak.

I said nothing about people congregating on their wants. I didn't confuse private congregation for public/government congregation; you did.

Putting aside the controversy of whether congress man Davy Crockett gave the speech It's not yours to give, it's worth contemplating. Whoever wrote it is right: Taking from person A to give to person B is wrong. To build a thing that enables theft is immoral, of course, but if it is built, it is opportunity to steal. If no town hall or other government edifice exists, then government can't steal.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

I am curious here. What is

I am curious here. What is your exact definition of centralized? From how it sounds, you are declaring that everyone needs to do everything themselves with no formal contracts coming into play. No large amount of people would come together to build something like a skyscraper or work on some sort on large project, that everything would be be managed by the individual and there would be no central point of control?
At what level you call something centralized?

Further more, why would building a new town hall be bad? They already have a mayor, government, etc, and very likely already have a townhall they run things from.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

None of this

has anything to do with race, of course.

for the record

I haven't seen the video yet but I used to live in Sandy Springs. For decades the white, well-off, northern parts of "Atlanta" have wanted to secede, for racial and economic reasons.

Yes things DID get better in Sandy Springs after it separated from Atlanta,

but it also *created new taxes*

and on paper I'm sure it looked better than before ,simply due to that fact that Sandy Springs is filled with some of the biggest, priciest estates in the country and doesn't have to contend the "dead weight" of ATL anymore.

Also now that they have a new government to fund so watch out for Sandy Springs police. They stay staked out on 285 where the speed limit is 55 (lol!) and the flow of traffic, aside from rush our, is never below 70 mph.

Good to See This Again

This has been posted a couple of times before (it's hard to beat the DP).

You might consider bringing up the old thread(s).

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yea I saw this here a while ago

if its old and liberty related its a good guess its been on DP


Secession and nullification are the answers. The federal government will never fix itself.

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Yep, truth.

BTW they only thing the city doesn't outsource is emergency responders (which I think also should be outsourced) but they avoided the benefits trap.