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Trump: Republicans not happy Rand Paul

In an effort to demonstrate just how out-of-touch he is, Donald Trump took to the airwaves yesterday...

"I happen to feel that the filibuster did nothing,” Trump said during an appearance on Fox News. “They got nothing out of it. There was really nothing gained by it."

“I’m friends with many Republicans — and they were not happy with it at all.”

Both Trump and Paul are slated to speak this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

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They invited...

the frigggin Donald, again? He seems to be brought to CPAC just to badmouth anyone named Paul- anyone bet he does it again?

I was shocked that Newt Gingrich came out in support of the Senator, especially given the way that Rand publicly smacked him down during the campaign in 2011. Do we just trust these guys? Certainly not, but I think Trump has proven to be nothing but a troll within the Republican Party.

Still wish Ron would have made one more appearance at CPAC...

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It's kind of sad how Trump

It's kind of sad how Trump thinks he is or was ever relevant.

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what a bonehead xD
He probably knows some drone profiteers that are pissed about domestic drones getting called out.