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Did Carol Paul Buy Rand Paul for President Bumрer Stickers?

I saw on Facebook that supposedly Carol Paul sent for 10 Rand Paul for President bumper stickers from Human Action PAC. Anyone know if this is true? A quick Google search returned only three results (none of them from the Pauls or Human Action): Two dead links



and a picture from Facebook (not the one I first saw):


Anyone know how to find a profile for this picture? The picture looks legit, but I can't find anything about it anywhere anymore.

Edit: I changed the title to better represent that it is a question. It just seems odd that this story has disappeared. Anyone know what happened?

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The guys behind Human Action

Are legit - I worked with them on the John Dennis 2010 campaign...

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Pardon "legit" was in

Pardon "legit" was in reference to the picture, not the PAC.

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Makes me sorta proud that I had one on my car

before Dr. Ron & Carol :-)

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