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No Bull Zone @ Freedomizer Radio

A friend of mine who supported me and Bill Redpath has an emerging audio show. I'm just listening to it now for the first time, and I want to give you all a link to his show too! Let me know what you think!


His show is the No Bull Zone, which starts about 2 hours into the link above. Some first-show rough edges off the bat, and this is a meet-the-host show, but please do give any input you can!

He's surprisingly sharp and knowledgeable, and he also has a pair of brass ones when government is concerned. When cornered by big brother bullies, he strikes back like a viper. This guy amazes me the more I talk to him...

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Self bump, because new show tomorrow (Monday)

Hi, anyone interested in calling in to my friend Ferdinand's new radio show can call in at 1-347-324-3704. Looks like I'll be spending my evening listening to radio shows! (-:

Any bumps or references to the show will be much appreciated!

The exact announcement I received:

Tomorrow on the NO BULL ZONE. Common Law and you. Are you a people or a citizen. Can you be both? Do statutes apply to you? Join Ferdinand for an in depth view! Monday March 18th at 8pm EST. Listen in on Freedomizer Radio.
Call in number to speak with the host Ferdinand is (347) 324-3704

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.