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It's Getting Real. Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets

This economy seems to be standing on its last leg.
Max Keiser predicted it would fall in April. Seems things are speeding up rapidly.

Do you guys think it can hold up for more than 12 months?

Do you think the public will get a warning, like the Euro collapsing first?

Here is a link to the article on Yahoo finiance.

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They pulled out because they

They pulled out because they were using BS accounting measures, and wall street called them out on it...

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Is this not old news???

Its dated: Tue, Aug 14, 2012 9:04 AM EDT

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

Why would it collapse?

With banks at 1% interest, where will the money go? The Fed's QE provides $4.5+T extra bank loans opportunity every year.

Gerald Celente used to predict collapse every other month. Nobody quotes him anymore.

Check the date on the article (Aug 2012)...

BTW, Max "let's crash JP Morgan" Keiser is just another hack. If he said that something will happen in April, then you can be sure nothing will.

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I don't consider Max a hack

I don't consider Max a hack in the least bit. Celente, yes, but not Mad Max. His "Crash JPMorgan" stunt was a great protest campaign, but unfortunately Max doesn't have the sheer numbers, or followers, to make it actually work.

Max's call in April was a just a prediction he threw out there for AJ fans... He doesn't base his entire career on them like Gerald Celente.

I personally like Celente too, but his predictions have been dreadful and he should find a job working as a pundit on TV because he's better suited for that. I'd like to see him on opposite Rachel Maddow. Can you imagine if they forced her to work with Celente, now that would be good TV.

I'm in between on Max.

I think the Silver Vigilante movement was a stroke of genius, and if it ever got "Occupy" type virulence, we'd bring the banksters down overnight. For some reason, none of the "big voices" in the "liberty movement" ever got behind the idea. They may yet, it remains one of the MOST viable "DIY Liberty" efforts available to us. For now...
Max's blind spot on "MAN MADE global warming" is suspiciously recalcitrant. I have taken part of a feeding frenzy on his own website when he and Stacey go of on one of their tangents. They are dismissive and insulting to anyone who dares to question anything, will not address the "climategate" emails, will not even discuss the issue, they go straight to name calling and insulting... THEIR VIEWERS. The majority of them.
I have come to suspect that the "successful" alternative media has been cutting some sort of deal with the devil... They get to spew this much truth, so long as you hammer the official lie this much of the time... or something. I don't know. I LOVE Michale Rivero's site, whatreallyhappened.com, but he has this really weird blind spot about Obama's birth certificate. If you want to see it, you are a crazy birther. Funny, I sure FEEL like a curious American.... the kind of curious individual Rivero is on everything else. Now Ventrua thinks Sandy Hook is hunky dory.... I just see a pattern. Except here. I think MN's format has kept this site above that. I hope.

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Here is the point I think we are missing...

Max and Gerald deal in reality. In a normal setting, in a fluid environment where a spade is a spade this house of cars should have collapsed a LONG time ago. So, based on their frame of reference, their knowledge of real world money, it SHOULD have already failed miserably!

They underestimated the power of the banksters to prop this up for so long.

Only Dr. Ron Paul got it right when he correctly predicted two years ago that they could run this charade for 10 more years if they wanted to...if they had the "military might" to enforce it.

I don't think even Dr. Paul expected this kind of backlash to rise up from the American people to put another flank out there against the globalists that they would have to reckon with. The banksters are being attacked from every angle and it will hasten their fall.

It is any day now. Only a false flag can make them declare martial law. Sandy Hoax failed miserably for them trying to take our protection from tyranny and only stirred the hornet's nest.

Prepare, folks. They are ruthless killers and will set off a dirty bomb. Its all they have left.

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Adios Amigos...

Adios Amigos...

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

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You know

Posts like this are equivalent to someone posting the mayan prophecy. Junk science/kookery nonsense.

No train to Stockholm.

The predominant wisdom on earth 2500 years ago

... you're right : it's probably nothing.

Move along folks ... Nothing to see here


When the USA defaults on the

When the USA defaults on the national debt, no country will trade with us anymore. That will be a good thing. We can open up shoe and clothing factories again. Maybe even television and cell phone factories too. I'm sure there will still be a market for those items here.


Cut off the wheat to China. What will their chickens eat? lol

I know the China apologists here are going to pop out, looking forward to their views.

I can honestly say I have not purchased a Chinese made product since Christmas. Especially any furs from there. >:

Enjoy your Cadillacs and Land Rovers...you would think they would be 50% off being made there.


Having a negative view of China

Won't stop the fact that our economy will tank in spite of actions like this.

You seem a bit too proud to me.

Oh yes

I am not disappointed.

No, I am sure the general population in China are striving just like people everywhere in their self interest.

I thought centralization is something that people here were not in favor of.


Some RP support in there, you just have to look a bit :)


It's tough to predict the end

It's tough to predict the end of the financial system. We all know the dollar will collapse/change/revalue in the future. However, the big question is when. New York and London are currently still the financial capitals of the World and I would think that the average stock buyer would consider them "safer" than China due to the our financial standards and military backing. It takes a special type of person to recognize, decide, and act on moving finances from the "center of the financial universe" to other locations. I personally don't speak/read Chinese and would be hesitant to know how to filter the frauds from the real opportunities in China. Jim Rogers and a whole lot of wealthy commodity traders have moved to Asia. They certainly have figured out the real opportunities from the frauds. I'm sure there are mutual funds targeted for China only investments that could give someone exposure for a small fee.

We've been getting warning about the end of our financial system for the last hundred years. The real trick is to know when to bail. I haven't figured that one out yet.

this fall should be very

this fall should be very interesting

It looks like these were

It looks like these were dummy companies formed to get on the US exchanges and raise capital. But now that the heat is getting turned up they are bailing.

Still it blew up a false bubble... Gee I want a start a company and sell shares on Wall street too...

"Dozens of Chinese companies issued shares on Wall Street over the past decade, raising billions of dollars from investors who wanted a stake in the country's booming economy.

Many were private companies that could not raise money on Chinese exchanges that were created to finance state industry or wanted the higher public profile.

Chinese regulators encouraged the move as a way for entrepreneurs to raise money and speed the development of China's economy. But in recent years Beijing has encouraged private companies to issue shares in China to help develop its markets and give Chinese households better investment options." http://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinese-companies-pull-us-stoc...

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Thanks for posting.