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Should I sell my house?

I'd like you opinion please. I'm thinking of selling my home and buying something less expensive in less desirable neighborhood, perhaps in a rural setting. Do you think this is a good or bad idea at this time? I don't seem to have a whole lot in common with my neighbors on the state of the nation. They get their news from TV.

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It is good to have debt right

It is good to have debt right now. Because of inflation, you will be paying back the loan in less valuable dollars. With rates at zero, you are basically borrowing the money for free. Also, who knows what the next government program will be (perhaps a mortgage payoff or reduction). Sell your house and buy a duplex, live in one side and rent the other side to a family member or close friend. It is possible to get the renter to cover the entire mortgage payment if you find the right deal.

Yes and No.

Sell down and reduce your debt but don't buy in a less desireable neighborhood. Rural is GREAT - just be able to sell the property again if need be.

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In the Sierra foothills people are buying lots or shacks on acreage.
They drive up in expensive cars, work in the Tech industry and ask questions like: is there a well? can you hand pump it?
Others are buying with cash and paying forward the property taxes. nothing to see here folks just move along....

I sold my home and bought a

I sold my home and bought a cheaper home last year.I now have almost zero debt and good supply of food,ammo and silver and I also have been able to buy silver on a monthly basis.Your plan sounds like a good one,just as long as you diversify your leftover wealth.

Yes and NO!

Here are my two arguments.
1st. You can sell your house and put all that, or most of it, into real tangible assets. Chances are, you are paying WAY more for that house than its worth. Silver and gold will more than double in the next couple of years, so you can pay for a new house all on its own.

2nd. If, and it is likely, that hyperinflation sets in, you can buy your house for cheap. I have heard about speculators who will put down payments on a lot of items just before hyperinflation hits, then buy the rest of the contract for a very low cost.

I am not a home owner though, so take my opinion for what its worth. :)

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