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New Jersey Woman Arrested for Reciting Constitution at Tax Meeting

New Jersey Woman Arrested for Reciting Constitution at Tax Meeting

Kurt Nimmo
March 13, 2013

Police in Clayton, New Jersey, confiscated two guns from a woman after she complained about county government moving to raise her property taxes and inspect her property without a search warrant.

Eileen Hart of Franklin Township was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassing officials from the Gloucester County Office of Assessment and Appraisal Systems, Inc.

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What's Wrong With This Picture?

No one else found it a tad unusual and disconcerting that an American citizen in a dispute with her county was arrested by a CORPORATION?

"Eileen Hart of Franklin Township was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassing officials from the Gloucester County Office of Assessment and Appraisal Systems, Inc."

Through Public-Private Partnerships, or PPP's, corporations are officially granted ownership & control of infrastructure (e.g., roads, bridges, schools, prisons, etc.) and other government duties and powers. EDIT 3/21: See "OUTRAGE! US Government Owns Slaves!" http://www.dailypaul.com/278954/outrage-us-government-owns-s...


Patents have come to include living organisms. ( See 50 HARMFUL EFFECTS OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED (GM) FOODS http://www.raw-wisdom.com/50harmful. Might want to also research dying plant pollinators: bees, butterflies, bats...) At the same time, corporate-influenced regulatory agencies are forbidding the sale of natural foods. "Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now." Thomas Jefferson

Supreme Court judges, who (unlike our founders) couldn't tell the difference between a piece of paper and a flesh-and-blood person, granted corporations Constitutionally-protected human rights - rights that we Americans believe are endowed to us by our Creator, which should tell you something about how (unlike during the founding era) the Supreme Court has come to view itself.

Let's see... are there any other ways that we, the people, can cede our resources and rights to corporations?


Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hail, cor-por-ate oligarchy...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

off topic

Sorry for off-topic message. Do we have activist group in NJ. I would like to get connected with NJ Liberty/Libertarian republicans. Where do i start?

To keep the forum clean please send me private message. thanks!

Engage in Secure Exchange

We used to, in Hightstown during the primaries.

We were told NJ RP HQ would convert to Liberty HQ but, as far as I know, that didn't happen. Why don't you start something in NJ? Maybe do a post on DP to get attention from NJ DPers and see if there is any interest.

The Answer to Taxation - Only Enumerated Consensual Taxation.

Most problems arise from Unenumerated taxation.

Get rid of all Unenumerated flat percentage Taxation and Obey the Original Constitution(s) which are based upon "ENUMERATED" taxation, gaining the peoples CONSENT on WHAT it is to be spent on BEFORE being collected.

It is Unenumerated taxes which feed governments ARBITRARY wants AFTER they collect it WITHOUT gaining the peoples consent first. (income tax, Flat tax and FairTax schemes are all Unenumerated Flat percentage taxes)

Original Constitution:

Article 1 Section 9:

"No Capitation, or OTHER direct, Tax shall be laid, UNLESS in "Proportion to the Census or ENUMERATION" herein BEFORE directed to be TAKEN."

Amended (Unconstitutionally) to:

Amendment XVI

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, WITHOUT apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census of ENUMERATION."


The amendment is Unconstitutional because changing the delegated power of from ENUMERATED taxation to UNENUMERATED taxation is an ARROGATION of POWER, EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED; and cannot be ratified or amended as this would be a "MEANS" to subvert the Constitutional COMPACT.

See this explained by the founders in the

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:
In FULL: http://www.americanpatriotparty.cc/americanpatriotpartynewsl...

Edmund Pendleton: "...they must pursue some of the "DELEGATED powers", but can by "NO MEANS" depart from them, (N)OR "ARROGATE" "ANY NEW" powers; for the PLAIN LANGUAGE of the clause is, to give them power to pass laws in order to give "effect" to the "DELEGATED" powers"...."

American Patriot Party.CC

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Patriot-Party-CC-Nati...

Educate Yourself. Educate Others.

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

Here is the pattern they are setting up:

Anyone who protests and publicly calls out any government or corporate 'authority' for possible abuse of the public trust and crimes, is a potential threat to them.

Therefore those people must be labeled as irrational, mentally unstable and dangerous.

And so these people must be disarmed for the 'public safety'.

There it is all nice and neat and wrapped up in a bow.

Pay attention to these stories unfolding, and watch.

Lesson: If you have weapons

Lesson: If you have weapons and are an activist for constitutional liberty (you should be), then ensure your weapons aren't where expected and thereby can't be confiscated. We definitely need to clean the red, commie trash from all levels of government.

"IF" The Implication In The Title Were True, It Would Be News

I have not checked the actual charges, but the title of the article appears to be misleading based on the article contents.

The title implies that she was arrested for invoking the Constitution. BUT the article contents say that she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

This would only be newsworthy if her Constitutional rights were violated. Or if she was practicing civil disobedience to make a clear point.

---------------Excerpt From Article------------

Eileen Hart of Franklin Township was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassing officials from the Gloucester County Office of Assessment and Appraisal Systems, Inc.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

From a comment under the article

"Beware of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors; And Miss." lol!

Send this to judge nap!

He needs to speak up about these things happening in his own state!

Assault Weapons Ban is a Distraction

They used the assault weapons ban as a distraction to gain greater agreement around limiting access to weapons for the mentally disabled. I mean come on, everyone knows crazy people can't have guns.

The mental health issue is far easier way to apply complete confiscation than trying to ban all weapons. They can immediately label any ex soldier as having PTSD and claim he is unfit to carry a weapon. For the civilians, anyone causing trouble and disagreeing with the government is obviously bipolar or mentally unstable and must be institutionalize for reconditioning.

For those who think I'm crazy, this has been done in the past in the USSR, Nazi Germany, China, Romania, Japan, Cuba and even the USa.


peace + liberty = prosperity

California confiscated some guns yesterday.

A person had legally owned and registered weapons, then spent 2 days in a mental facility, so the cops went and took his guns from him.

So, there you go. The first confiscation went down without a hitch. Any more fantasies about how they can't do it?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Didn't Know That..

Thanks for posting fishy..

Not Surprised ...

I remember the congress-critter from that district not even knowing the 1st Amendment

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

If that happened in Glouchester County,

imagine what would have happened further north!!! She'd have been on her way to Gitmo!


I see this is on Drudge as well.