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"Growing Food is a Dangerous Act"?


"Growing Food is a Dangerous Act Because You Are in Danger of Becoming Free"

-Those are the words of an urban farmer in LA who grows 6,000 pounds of food per year on 1/10th acre and makes $20,000 selling what he doesn't eat!


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I ran across these guys

I ran across these guys several years ago. Pretty amazing what they do on a small lot. Helped Inspire me to make my backyard into a mini food forest. Definite pioneers in urban homesteading! Only thing they are missing is an aquaponics system ;)

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what they are doing is so neat.
they look damn good at it too.

perfect quote for the title lol.


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This is a win-win

Not only is this a path to freedom, but it's a path to great health and personal well being!



Very good.

i like that clay weeping pot system


yeah it's really cool!

I found the pots they use online for almost $40 each!

but you can actually use un-glazed pots you get at the garden center and glue the base over the top of the pot...here's a youtube about it


I am Disillusioned By Them

I used to think these people were awesome. Have known about them for years but then I saw where they supposedly patented the phrase "urban homesteader" and have been suing people right and left for using that phrase in articles etc. Can't trust anyone these days it seems.


I think they may have trade marked it?

I still support what they are doing even if they trademarked the term "Urban Homesteader" .

Did you hear about the italian company that trademarked "jesus"?


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There are a lot of good ideas out there.

Man has traveled and thrives on all four corners of the Earth.

Free includes debt-free!

I love his goats and chickens!

I'm about to start a micro-farm with a few chickens, I can't wait!

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What an excellent video

thanks for sharing.

Glad to!

turns out Bob-45 also posted a story about this farmer not too long ago


Danger! Where is the FDA?!

Danger! Where is the FDA?!

They have managed to connect fear to freedom.

Government hates us because we are free. Or long to be freer.

Free includes debt-free!

I think he was being sarcastic.

Who knows though, it can be hard to know intentions through just text

It's also one of the first thing I thought. Where's the Gmen.

The LA food store. The Ohio family. The PA family and the cleared out freezers.

The MO Family and tons of cheese.

Down Georgia way, the truck of raw milk poured out...

Free includes debt-free!

Growing your own food is like

Growing your own food is like printing your own money ;)

haha I love that quote!