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VIDEO - Sen. Rand Paul and colleagues propose the defunding of Obama Care 3-13-13

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ObamaCare will

be the largest job killer in history.

And when all the idiots that thought obamacare meant "free health care", when it actually meant expensive healthcare that you MUST purchase, by law; the revolt will begin.

Even obummer himself will be happy to repeal it.

If Congress

were use the power of purse to kill Obamacare, that could wake up the Congress.

We should be concerning

We should be concerning ourselves with why healthcare is so expensive considering the increases in technology that we have been achieving.
The curtain must come off the medical industrial complex.

"Unintended consequences" is one of my favorite subjects

I wish more people in government were aware of what "unintended consequences" were. Unfortunately most people don't care to look past their own nose, and when something like PPACA appears to be such a good idea on the surface, they outright refuse to believe that there are bound to be unintended consequences.

Obviously everyone wants patients to be protected and for healthcare to be affordable, but just because you call this by a name that includes both doesn't necessarily make it so. The diehards that don't understand this concept must have already forgotten the Patriot Act.

"great idea not to feed the

"great idea not to feed the BEAST" I think he was playing to the anti-christ crowd there. lol

Don't feed the Beast!

Precisely! Starve that son of a beast any way and every way you can think of!

Ever notice how the filth...

...pretend to be all heroic & junk about dissing something that only came into existence because of their filthy colleagues?

Is it time for you to start ignoring such an obvious whipsaw swindle?

An honest man who says it like it is,

like his father. It is so refreshing to hear real communication as opposed to Obama simply reading script without understanding!