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Oh Please! Justin Amash MUST run for Senate - you have to read this to believe it

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Lol, just lol.

This Lady was at the state convention last july for the election of national delegates. I wandered over to her table and started asking her simple questions on what she thought of Romney being almost identical to Obama, and that he will not win if he became the nominee.

She had the brains of the common sheeple, and her only response to critical questions that her uncle supported was the common rhetoric. I blasted on his flip flop tendencies. About his venture capital days and what not.

After 30 mins of passionate idealogical 1 on 1 debate, she finally gave up she had no response other than, 'We have to vote for Romney to beat B.Obama!!'.and walked away.

If Mr. Amash runs, I'll be lobbying his support from my position as a county board member.

I just hope we can pull the support from the east side. Good luck over there.

He can't run for senate yet

There are too many people who will clobber him in Michigan right now. He has no name recognition outside of the west side of the state, and not enough even there. He has almost no chance of winning a primary. There's been people raising money and getting ready for this race for a long time.

If it makes you feel better though, this Romney girl has even less of a chance.

So Scott Romney is angling to be

the "power behind the throne".

Maybe he shouldn't run for Senate

My issue with him running for Senate is who will get his House seat? I think Mr. Amash is a great asset, but we also need great people in the House too.


"Mitt Romney's niece is going to run for MI senate! Scott Romney says she'll be great. Mitt Romney had her in charge of Women4Romney in Michigan! The Romney family thinks she's the only republican with a chance at the spot."

Romney Romney Romney, as if people have respect for the man who lost to the current administration.

Not a chance, no Romney will

Not a chance, no Romney will ever win in Michigan, especially someone who has not done anything in Michigan except Chair Michigan Women for Mitt.


Amash should run for US Senate anyway.

It is his stepping stone to being able to run for president.

I would like to see Rand make him Vice President.


Vice President would be a

Vice President would be a waste for Amash, Vice Presidents don't do much

They break ties in the

They break ties in the senate.

More importantly, as the successor to the President they limit, or increase, assassination risks: If the VP is substantially different in political position from the president, there is the risk someone may try to shift government policy by doing him in and thus promoting the VP. If they are substantially the same (or if the VP is substantially "worse" from the viewpoint of the sort of people who consider assassination to be a legitimate political strategy), popping the prez would be futile or counterproductive. (Amash is great and libertarian house or senate votes are rare and valuable, but I'd be willing to forego his vote if it kept a president Rand Paul alive through his term(s).)

Finally, a VP amounts to a close adviser and cabinet member who doesn't require a confirmation vote, though his influence depends entirely on how much responsibility the president chooses to delegate. This may be anywhere from none (as has been common when the VP was chosen only for ticket-balancing) to enormous (for instance Cheney's essentially free hand setting the first Bush's middle east strategy).

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I don't agree. Whether used

I don't agree. Whether used or not, Vice Presidents can wield tremendous power, too much actually.

No they can't, if your

No they can't, if your speaking of Dick Cheney that was by design. Cheney was Chief of Staff during the Ford administration along with Rumsfeld, then in U.S. Congress for 10 years, then Secretary of Defense under George H. Bush. Dubya was told by his dad & neo con powers that Cheney & Rumsfeld were to handle foreign policy completely George Jr. could not care less.


With r3VOLution behind him, if she wins over Amash, I will wash my hands of politics once and for all.

You kids can take it from there.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Should that day come, as im

Should that day come, as im sure others have already done, know that we'll keep the seat warm, and gladly welcome you back....i dont think lady liberty is quite done with us anyway :) bless her for it

Justin looks real promising, hope the guy gets a chance to "get behind the wheel" as you will, show us what hes about


I hope they are not going to try to start backlash against "dynasties" in politics now, and then point it at Rand. I honestly cannot believe they think the Bushes and Romneys are the future of the GOP. They are either incredibly desperate or up to something, maybe both.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.