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Taxpayer-funded Predator Control program kills Hundreds of family pets

But there is no where to cut government spending? For those of you still financing the criminal gang running the US Govt...don't you wish you could have some say so as to where your money is going?

It was an August morning two years ago when Maggie, a spry, 7-year-old border collie, slipped through the backyard fence of her family's suburban Oregon home. Minutes later, she was dead – her neck snapped by a body-gripping trap set by the U.S. government less than 50 feet from the home she shared with the four children who loved her.

"It is an image that will never leave me," Maggie’s owner, Denise McCurtain, of Gresham, Ore., said of her death. "She was still breathing as we tried to remove the trap. Her eyes were open and she was looking at me. All I could say was 'I’m trying so hard. You didn’t do anything wrong.'"

Maggie’s death at a minimum was one of hundreds of accidental killings of pets over the last decade acknowledged by Wildlife Services, a little-known branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that is tasked with destroying animals seen as threats to people, agriculture and the environment. Critics, including a source within the USDA, told FoxNews.com that the government’s taxpayer-funded Predator Control program and its killing methods are random -- and at times, illegal.


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The Evil Knows No Bounds

There is so much evil in this world I don't know where to begin. It is daunting. Animal shelters are also a big business. Do you really think that city run pounds have the animals sakes at heart? Guess again. It is a business and they make money doing it. I am not talking about rescue groups but city run "shelters". It is absolutely disgusting how humans have so little respect or concern for the other creatures on this planet.


If this ever occured to a dog of mine

You could bet the following statement wouldn't be true. "For pet owners, seeking legal recourse against the government is a daunting and tedious process – requiring individuals to file a tort claim that typically results in families losing more money even if they win."
The individual responsible would be hunted down like an animal. No matter how long it took I'd lay in wait near the trap and make the sick bastard wish he were the dead dog. The more I know of people the more I love my dog.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.