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John Stossel's Illegal Everything - You Are Probably a Felon and Don't Know It!

I found this on youtube and thought it was worth sharing here on DP. John Stossel covers a lot of mind-boggling laws put out by the government that show just how far we have sunk into tyranny in the United States. He covers everything from having lemonade stands to prostitution. It is a very revealing video. Please watch when you have time.


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I t would be great if we had aLemonade of Liberty protest

Wouldn't it be cool to pick a day where Liberty minded people set up lemonade stands (or maybe tea stands) across America in tons of cities and neighborhoods informing people on unjust regulation laws encroaching upon our freedoms. And people could film their lemonade protest...you could even have several all together as it's mainly just to make a point but also a giant act of non-compliance.

It would be cool if there could be several such type of noncompliance type protests.

I know Gandhi turned the tide of public opinion when he organized the Salt March over salt taxes by the British. Because the Indian men calmly walked toward the salt mine to mine their own salt and were beaten down for that act of noncompliance, the British lost public approval across the world and the act empowered the citizens of India which led to great pressures and eventually led to the British withdraw.

Showing the ridiculous nature of these laws can begin to change public opinion and cause the people to turn toward liberty again.

Actually Adam Kokesh Did

It's on youtube.



well thats cool! It would bc cool to take it country wide!

Good job Adam!

Some days i feel resilient but today I feel despondent

When I see reports like this it's very hard to stay optimistic. This conglomeration of government protection of corporations and rampant regulation induced monopolies causing the prosecution and ruination of good people just breaks my heart. And, IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to demand our freedom back and assert it anyway! I keep looking to Ron Paul for his example of optimism and perseverance. He didn't give up and he made great changes in hearts and minds. Deep down, I know we can reverse this tyranny if we just keep informing people and fighting each battle as it comes and preempting those yet to come.

But some days like today. I have to keep telling myself that it's possible...that we can do it.

I Can Relate

I can but I still keep trying to keep on trying.


I do love Stossel but we

I do love Stossel but we really need a Libertarian news network and he needs to drop Fox - including the judge - and go there. SOMEBODY PLEASE CREATE THE "THERE" :)


So we can just preach to the choir? Having them on FOX is 100 times more effective.

Please Be a Juror

The only thing between me and jail is you. Please be a juror.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Really good vid, thanks for

Really good vid, thanks for posting

Its typical mentality, one person does wrong, and everyone pays with just another bit more of their freedom.......no doubt they wont be happy untill the people are shutup safely in their pens

While were left deciding whether its stupidity, ignorance or greed, on their part, i suspect they tell themselves its for the greater good......its really not, especially if they keep doing this against peoples wishes........the only reason your government has'nt fallen, at least id like to hope so, is because not one person of the public sphere is suppose to know, just exactly what your government does on a day to day basis, i suspect if that kind of information were available, they'd be royally checked and balanced or risk revolt.

Government is like a toddler whose one candy stick short of throwing up, who promises not to eat hes brothers candy, and then eats the damn freedom candy

Weird analogy, i know

This is one of my favorite

videos to share with liberals. Stossel used to be on liberal channels, but he proved himself.

It was funny because today my son told me he opened a virtual lemonade stand. So I asked him if he had a permit and he said he didn't need one. I told him he needed one. He didn't believe me.

Then I came home and this was on the list before I even searched for it on utube.

I won a presidential dollar coin for being right (I give him all my nice coins in any case and the coin ended up in his piggy bank again.)

He started freaking out about the lemonade and girl scout stands though which I thought was good. I skipped the prostitute part, but the simple stuff got to him.

So then I showed him the video of opening up shop in hong kong vs here.

Then he started questioning things again.

I forgot the stossel report there was on a liberal station so now I owe a dollar to a person at work.


but still :) !

Even, Gain a dollar lose a FRN. For the family at least. I like the dollar coins better than the FRN's. Actually only my own son won because I put it right back into his piggybank and I lost a buck but teaching a kid is priceless.

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Is that the right video skippy?

He's the man.

Nope , To Quote Homer

DOH! Anyway, I fixed it. Thanks for the alert. Stuff happens ya know. I don't claim to be perfect. I need to start clicking my own links before posting. Meant well though. However, the gardening video is worthy of DP too I think. It was uplifting for me. I'll post that later I suppose.


I thought you were going to quote

the Greek philosopher, Homer.

Well, maybe he said DOH!
No, on second thought he would have said ασύνετος!

[Just havin' fun ;-)]

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Sorry, no the Homer I quote waxes funny! He reminds me of a lot of people I know. (That's a good thing) and if you have ever watched the Simpsons you will know that Homer has done more things in life than any of us real folks could ever say we've done. Hah!


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This is incredible


He's the man.



your video is on productive

your video is on productive gardening my friend ... not stossel .. you got the wrong video up there.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

DOH! Sorry, Fixed It. Still, The Gardening Video Is Good Too.