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6th grader brings $20K to school, hands out cash 'from a friend' to students -Should Cops Keep the Money?

The Taylor School District became aware that the middle school girl had brought the money to school after teachers saw the student handing out money to her peers. She reportedly gave one of her friends $200, and another $500, says the report.

When a 6th grader brings $20K to school, it certainly raises many eyebrows, and the girl who’d brought the money in her backpack was soon brought in for questioning, added the report. The student said that she got all the cash from one of her friends across the street from her home.

Police are holding on to the money until the parents of the two students in question until an explanation to the $20,000 can be found.

Do you think the cops should keep the money?


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The police should take all the money. At gunpoint.

This will instill in the children at this school a healthy sense of distrust of all authority figures wearing black uniforms.

9-11 was a panda job.