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The Military doesn't want you to see this video. Leaked Video: Military allowed patrol to be hit by an IED. The real question he

Leaked Video: Military allowed patrol to be hit by an IED. The real question here is why?

This video made my heart ache http://youtu.be/EUq719jHE0E

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How awful....

Had I known in 06-07 what I know now.... I would have never enlisted...

Sigh... 2 more years

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Who was asking for help with a stepson joining up?

He should see this, needs to know what kind of people will "have his back." Make sure he knows about Pat Tilman, too.
I have a cousin whose son died in Iraq from an IED. I cannot put words on how sick this makes me. They were watching this like it was a movie, waiting for that truck to get blown up.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The sooner

The sooner our servicemen realize that they are the bad guys for invading and occupying a foreign land absent any provocation, the better and IEDs drive that fact home real hard. I just with that our servicemen had better parents who had not failed to instill in them a sense of right and wrong.

Gooooooo Freedom Fighters.

my friend was in since 18 and

my friend was in since 18 and she lost one of her parents before she was old enough for one of her parents to "instill" sense into her. watch restepo that was her commander that died and she still has shrapnel in her pelvis and suffers every day still. up yours dude

You just don't get it, do you?

He cares more about your friend than you do.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Nothing out of the ordinary IMO

Looks to me, a G-BOSS (telescopic surveillance tower) was being utilized from either a patrol base or MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protectant Vehicle - the vehicles seen in the video) to survey the units area of operation for suspicious activity (such as IEDs being planted. They actually caught the perps in action digging and obviously emplacing an IED in the ground along the roadway, let a nearby patrol know to go check it out (most likely with the aid of EOD, which the vehicle blown up looked to be, considering its size and as is typical for EOD to use since they're heavier and built completely out steel. The vehicle in front had what's called a mine roller, which is a multi wheeled trailer attachment hat hooks to the front of your vehicle to blow IEDs in front of your vehicle as opposed to beneath your vehicle. If you notice, the lead vic swept the road (which is where the IED typically is) and the latter vehicle was sweeping off the road to the left (where the IED apparently was) and took the hit. Those vehicles can sustain A LOT. My unit hit 43 IEDs while we were there and no one died while inside of the MRAP. As long as the turret gunner is strapped in, noone typically dies. Since the vehicle didn't flip completely over, that IED wasn't that big. Now, when your command gets intel that several IEDs have been planted in a nearby settlement and decides to punish your platoon for an excessive amount of downed vehicles (due to IEDs), which he claims is from a lack of vigilance, and forces you to conduct dismounted partols, which eventually led to a platoon commander and 2 other marines' death, THAT'S when it's intentional.


To add to my previous comment

It is a little unusual that they didn't set up a C4 charge near the location of the IED to do a controlled detonation. However, it may have been a case where they couldn't tell where to even set it up, plus you'd still have to quarden the area (which they may have been trying to). At the same time, my statement still stands. If I'm EOD, I'm not trying to sweep on foot with a metal detector to risk blowing up an IED with my own C4. Especially not so close to a settlement and so succeptive to small arms fire. My ass is staying in the tin can and setting off the IED. Has to be done one way or the other. I'll also note, that some troops are ribbon chasers. Safest and easiest way to get a combat action ribbon and a potential Purple Heart (depending on severity of concussion and traumatic brain injury that sometimes results, is to run over an IED. Your thought process isn't really rational after being over there for a while. You easily develop a sense of recklessness and a lack of giving a hoot. Could've been a squad wanting some sort of "action". It happens quite frequently.


Thanks for your comment...

I appreciate your perspective.

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