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So Foreign Aid Is a Drop In a Bucket...

...but we better stop the White House Tours due to budget cuts.

HOW EFFING IMMORAL is this rotten government to tell us that U.S. foreign aid is not enough to bother with (even though in 2010 it was 53 BILLION DOLLARS) but we can save money by cutting miniscule things like tours of the White House?

Or how STUPID do they think we are.

Oh I forgot - most of the country IS that stupid.

How stupid of me to give this country that much credit.

We've got just exactly the government we deserve.

(I'm talking about the IDIOTS in Congress who could DEFUND anything they want).

But instead of touching the billions we give away to other governments, they have the nerve to cut domestic things like White House tours.

I guess things like that - which cost nothing in the scheme of things - are NOT a drop in the bucket - But foreign aid, occupations and wars are A-OK.