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Missouri Judge extends Restraining order to all State DOR offices they cannot copy documents for CCW

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. -- Presiding Judge Robert Mayer extended a temporary restraining order against the Stoddard County License Office in a Tuesday afternoon hearing.
Evidence was heard for two hours in a case in which Eric Griffin has sued Stoddard County License Office Fee Agent Elizabeth Rowland regarding newly-instituted policies by the Department of Revenue.

Mayer's restraining order extends for an additional 10 days the amount of time before the license office can again issue a concealed carry endorsement.


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Basically what is happening

is the Missouri Dept of Revenue is initiating the federal national ID behind the backs of Missouri citizens and legislators after Missouri passed laws outlawing compliance with the federal program.
More information: Paradigm Shift Happening radio program with Ken Suitter and Brent Stafford.

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listening now.

Thank you for the Missouri News!

I am glad to hear that this Judge is assisting. I first heard of the DOR copying retaining personal information last last week. May Liberty Prevail!



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for the bump