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Christie 2016 Car Window Sticker

Today, in Phoenix, AZ, I saw a "Christie 2016" bumper sticker. No comment, other than to say we're only two months into Obama's second term, and there is already opposition 2016 swag on display.

BTW, I tried to type "bumper sticker" in the subject line, but it would only accept the "er". Guess it doesn't like the "bump" part.

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Krispy Kreme Christie

Will run as a Democrat in 2016

Chris Cristie...

...has already ruined it for himself. Republicans don't seem to want him since he embraced Obambam.

christie 2016?

I thought that he was contemplating running on a democrat ticket?

Was it endorsed or paid for by the rnc or the dnc?

Maybe the person who has it doesn't care as long as he's leftist, just like mitt.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Hey Dude...

... I'm in Phoenix too man. It's a bummer you haven't seen our car yet. TWO Rand Paul 2016 stickers. One on the window and one on the actual bumper. There you have it... we are already doubling our biggest opponent in support. Give a honk if you ever see my car.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Chrisp Chreamie...

..leader of the free stuff wing of the war party. ("Yo'Bama!")

Or is that the evil wing of the stupid party.

Can't keep these Demoblicans straight...

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

if they are free...

we should all request Christy stickers then throw them away

I just ordered this one

You can, too. It's free!


Take the 95-mile drive...

...up here to Prescott and maybe you'll happen to see my FOUR stickers, none "bumper."

Mini-truck w/camper shell, stickers on back window and both side windows. Also one in middle of tail-gate -- lapped over the RP 2012 one. They all say:

Ron Paul
maybe you'll listen now...

"It's never too early, but could soon be too late." Right??

(and, yes...

...if it ends up being RAND it might be the first time I "vote lesser of two evils" -- since my first "choice" was Ford v. Carter, it's been easy to reject the status quo)

Name me the last fat leader in the world?

He has NO chance.

He could come out and say I'm gonna balance this budget etc but we all know he's also said stuff like I'm going to diet this week. Or I'll only have two cakes a week. Nothing against fat people but here's a guy who knows he'd be far more electable at a normal weight yet cannot stop eating. People will think if he can't show personal self-restraint then he's not going to be able to show restraint in spending either.

I like the guy but at a visceral level people know he can't keep promises even when they are to himself.

Getting fat is classic short termism. Let me get it in now it's so tasty! That's not ideal for potus!

Huckabee lost a lot of weight

Ah, ok

I still had on my brain news of the death of Doug Christie, the lawyer who tried to defend Ernst Zundel against the monstrous Canadian government.