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National Review: Rand's Big Fight

Rand Paul’s Big Fight

Paul says McCain is “too personal,” and America is ready to come home.

By Robert Costa
March 12, 2013 6:00 P.M.

Senator Rand Paul chuckles at the recent attacks on him by Senator John McCain. “I try to not make it personal, and sometimes [McCain] makes it too personal,” he says in an interview at National Review’s Washington office, fresh off his star-turn in a filibuster last week.

McCain and Lindsey Graham, the foreign-policy grandees in the Senate Republican conference, have dismissed Paul’s libertarian views on national security as the “ill informed” posture of one of the party’s “wacko birds.”

Paul has no problem with McCain engaging in debate, “but I think if you’re going to debate, it’s better to leave names out,” he says. “I spoke for 13 hours and never mentioned his name or Lindsey Graham’s name. They spoke for about 20 minutes and decided to use my name quite a bit, including some synonyms I wasn’t aware of, like different types of animals.”


Is the NeoCon National Review coming around?