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The Following Are Infringements On The Second Amendment - Do You Support Them?

Concealed Carry Permits (Being required to get them)
Background Checks
Doctors coerced by "govt" to ask gun related questions
Mental Health exceptions
Full Automatics (being illegal)
Felons (no longer can bear FIREarms legally)

Please keep in mind. These are not laws. You give your consent by signing a form, applying for a license or by voluntarily giving out your private information. They ARE NOT LAWS. The EPIDEMIC we face is that so many people now THINK they are laws that men with guns who believe they are laws will shoot you if you do not obey them.

We are FAST running out of time before the VEIL will come down and one way or the other you're going to be FORCED to do it... or they are going to be hanging from the gallows... This whole gun-grab is the lead up to the END GAME. There is still a chance to peacefully pull the plug on this murderous nightmare of a machine...

It's about time we actually started looking up these words in the constitution we think we know so well. If we the people created the government... enumerated it's powers (which had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING that would have ANY adverse affect on the people - ABSENT a non-government witness) and SPECIFICALLY pointed out as a matter of #2 priority (many think it should have been first) the right of the people to KEEP and BEAR ARMS - WITHOUT infringement... then by WHAT authority are they doing what they are doing TO us?


PLEASE - WITHDRAW your PARTICIPATION... please stop feeding the machine... it's killing us.

What I'm trying to say here is that YOU have the KEYS to freedom... but not you alone. We ALL MUST de-fund this insanity before it's too late. You're educated. You're up on the issues. You know what makes them tick. You know how they are financed... you know how they are managing to stockpile guns, tanks and ammunition. With these FRAUDULENT FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES that WE ALL GIVE VALUE TOO.

We can fix this... but we all gotta put our noses to the grindstone and FORGET being part of the solution... FIRST everyone needs to stop FUNDING THE PROBLEM! It is nearly impossible to manage life without somehow utilizing their system... but it's not hard to unplug a good 95% of your energy from the matrix. CHANGE YOUR LIFE and we will change the "government."

Do you want it to SHRINK? Then let's shrink this puppy down to a manageable size. Can we do it? I'm hoping beyond what seems like all hope that we can...

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All I can say is Deacon...

know your rights. Know how to ask questions and not answer them. Know how to educate that man that he is your servant... and you are his master.

You are a public servant is that correct?
Do you have any evidence at this time that I might be a public servant?

GREAT! Then I'm still a master. Govern yourself accordingly.

Now what can I do for you my friend? What is your probable cause for this stop?

It all depends how it goes man... and sometimes you just gotta go to jail. We gotta stand up though. You got a choice... go to jail now or FEMA camp later (if you're not on the red list).

BUT - Let's put this in perspective. What is your real fear? Fear that you'll be inconvenienced for a few days and put in the adult daycare center? For real... all they got is jail man... FOR NOW... that's their only card they can play.

If you don't care about jail it ceases to be much of a bargaining chip when negotiating your private contract with the rogue public servant.

deacon's picture

I put my concerns out there

expecting or at least a bit of help to overcome
this nonsense,and you accuse me of being afraid?
i really could care less about going to jail,but what purpose
would it serve?
the ones who put you there will not care,nor will they learn anything
and if they did learn,they will not apply it for the help of others
what will happen if they deem you a risk to the others is solitary
confinement(that way you can't taint the others with any truth)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


as soon as you sign any of their paperwork you've made the situation worse. Anyone who "just pays the ticket" makes the situation worse.

FINANCING THE PROBLEM -> Makes the problem worse.

as far as them "not caring" you need to MAKE THEM CARE by putting their job on the line. No attorney will prosecute a cop... or at least not without a massive public outcry for justice and then they simply must just to keep up the illusion of credibility.

YOU MUST BE THE ONE CROSS-EXAMINING THAT COP however if you're aware of jurisdiction - you should never even plead in the first place. If you file a claim against the cop your claim is heard before the INVALID complaint. Also just recently we have found that they NEVER FILE a valid complaint... file a writ of praecipe and demand for the respondent to file a valid complaint or to forever hold their peace.

(I'm actually working on exactly that for a friend as we speak.)

What rights?

You don't need no stinking rights. Give us your gun and we leave you in peace...


Leges sine moribus vanae

If you believe that any damn

If you believe that any damn one of them are going to accept an average individual as their master, you are seriously deluded. The only people they see of higher authority then themselves -if we are talking about Sheriffs- are AG's, LT Governor, and Governor, President. Nobody thinks that they have or need to be accountable to the people at at-large. Hell, even the regular officers make sh!t up on the fly to try and intimidate the average people. Did you see the video of the LV police officer who rear-ended the motorcyclist and then threatened the motorcyclist with tickets if he didn't just leave? This is why none of this nonsense with using the system to regain what was lost will ever work; because nobody in the system recognizes the at-large individual as their master, and if they did then they all would be going to prison. None of them want to risk going to prison, so they all just keep the system going by protecting each other.

deacon's picture

well my friend

first i know which list i am on
secondly i actually know why :)
i have had phone meetings and and in person meetings
with our sheriffs
i have gotten no where with them,i was able to piss them off
and how did i do this? by pointing out the laws that they break and continue to break every blasted day
the last 2 were the clincher,ones that let me know where we both stood,and will stand (it didn't go well)
their dpt breaks mich laws by requiring hand gun registration
when there is no such laws,our AG here will not comment on this topic
i was told "it is how we have always done it"
i pointed out how they have no authority to remove people from their homes for foreclosure,dude i read the laws concerning this
and the underling told me he has no time for this nonsense,and the supreme court has already ruled on this,and who did i expect him to believe,me or the courts?
he went so far as to tell me i sounded like the militia he has talked to about this!!! i asked him:if others have questions about this,shouldn't he at least look into this?
his response,i don't have time for this nonsense
other than run against them to grab that job(which i am not quite physically able to,my only other choice is to pick one and out my full weight into an election,but none have ran against this guy in many many years
ours here lie in wait,and hand out tickets,ours put people behind bars for victimless crimes
ours here put people out into the streets,even after finding,they have no authority to do so
our legislators here sent the data base for handguns to the feds
which mich is not supposed to have,i pointed this out the sheriffs
who in turn gave me the run around,sent me talking to another agency,who in turn gave me the same treatment,and on and on
as of now,i have no idea what to do next,as we are all running out of time,and things are getting worse
per your answers,i do,do that myself,but then again they seem to never be wrong(even when they know they are)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


You're dealing with the mafia and asking them to follow rules.

You've gotta start filing claims against these ROGUE public servants and prosecuting them yourself. I've been listening to Karl Lentz's case which is ongoing - he is suing for 346 million dollars.

Everything you just talked about has to do with statutes. Public servants must obey statutes. We the people are GUARANTEED common law will be preserved via the 7th Article of the Bill of Rights.

Check out #187 and #188 to start with.