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80% AR lowers shipped to your door without FFL

2nd Am ARms Rockethub project. You can get an 80% completed AR lower shipped to your door for $100 without an FFL. Requires additional machining, so it is an incomplete platform, but with some ambition and/or ingenuity....


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The new trend

is "build" parties. Purchase a freshly-anodized 80% goodie, pay an additional 'equipment rental' fee, lol, and they walk you through the process step-by-step. They show you how to do it - but you have to push the buttons and drill the holes. LOL, it's kind of fun. Look on craigslist (sporting), calnet, etc.

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If you're someone that likes

If you're someone that likes a project like this and skilled in metalworking, go for it. But don't venture into this as an amateur. You can get a nice Palmetto State Armory stripped lower for $10 more. Just warning that there's some skilled machine shop work required here.

I've contacted a local armory

I've contacted a local armory that is machining their own parts that has agreed to machine them to spec for $75.

for those interested in delving into 80% lowers, or DIY

2A projects check these out, too: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2669723

Some more pertinent links:
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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a legal advice, but from all publicly available info ATF has ruled several times that ALL private manufacture of NON-NFA (SBR, Suppressors, etc.) items are legal, for PRIVATE personal use. You cannot sell it, but for private use, it's perfectly legal, as far as currently available info suggests.

Even IF so, use at your own peril; among the R3VOL choir this should go without saying, but obviously the whole submitting to statist 'laws' issue aside: you assume full responsibility for manufacturing, liability resulting from it, and the use of it at any stages to prototype as well as the eventual 'final product.'


Ares Armor is a CALIFORNIA vet-owned company; if it's legal in California, it's legal in 49 other states. (I would assume, again check/verify all local 'laws,' use info at your own risk, and you assume full responsibility.)

Legally Make your own Gun
Rudius 80% 1911 Sneak Peak

If you want to know what the tolerances and stress specs, or simply what a complete polymer AR lower looks like for reference and/or comparison, check out these two leading mfg. of polymer AR receivers, the new post-ATF-raid-selloff-Calvary Arms: http://www.gwacsarmory.com/index.html

and New Frontier Armory, out of LV, NV:

Once you have the lower, the rest, as with all AR, you can purchase commercially available components, at any infinite number of available online vendors, like http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Default.asp

Also, if you're worried about the typical direct impingement gas system of AR 'melting' your lower, while a bit boutique, there are plenty of piston kits and uppers that won't blow gas back down into the lower receiver. Problem solved!



Or, if you actually want to run a gun, that will last practically forever, and will go bang, w/almost every press of the trigger?

Screw all that! Build your own AK from sheet blanks, 100% legally!


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