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StormCloudsGathering: US Govt Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)



Published on Mar 13, 2013

The Economy isn't going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing.

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One of the massive purchase orders for hollow points and buckshot:

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Leaked Document: Government setting up military detention centers for Activists:

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Why a dollar and Euro Collapse is Guaranteed: http://stormcloudsgatheri...

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Constitutional Convention

We can address a proper format for a social contract to maintain the republic. We can hit reset on consolidation and re affirm local sovereignty. We can return to a federal union of nation states.

We could at the same time we hold our constitutional convention issue a new declaration of independence and list our grievances.

Convince your state reps to call a constitutional convention.

If you block congress or try to mutiny the troops, you endanger civilians. Black bagging of soldiers and protest will be national security blah blah blah on the news channels, and drones will strike the most capable. We must address the boring channels of legislative change and express our right to appeal.

A. John Marshall Judicial Review - should be revoked for taking from the state legislative bodies the power to interpret the constitution by nullification.

B. A consistent effort to counterfeit the money of our people and to further use such money to purchase political favor.

C. The alteration of the natural born from a citizen of a state to the citizen of the nation in the 14th amendment.

D. The Organic Act of DC 1871 Establishes a corporation to hold all considerable property of people registered as U.S citizen. This alters the relationship and undermines the consent of the people.

E. A consistently accelerated process of mutable policy. We charge that the nature of our democratic bickering is the folly of embracing survival without a plan. A republic consist of brief explanations of justice, which should maintain the test of time.

We challenge that mutable policy has taken hold of our government through several means.
1. The length of policy bills in comparison to the time one must take to digest and understand the ramification in context.
2. The regulatory bills and rider bills which compacted the problem.
3. An unimpeachable branch in the Judiciary, who also hold titles of nobility.
5. Through the consolidation of areas dealt with by the local states by taking use of implied power.
6. By creating subsidiary corporations trained and funded to reflect the narrative in favor of governmental operations(AP/Media/Mainstream). Included in this concern is the treason of the justice department to detain and torture journalist who speak truth to injustice. Our government has committed a terrible misuse of public trust by delegating that much of what they undertake must remain secret and without public scrutiny.

F. We have been forced to comply and participate in the worst acts of human indecency known to the human imagination. We contend that although our leaders were not relinquished from power by foreign rulers, they have still participated in many un American conflicts of war. Claiming victory does not forgive our transgressions, we must admit the fault and seek remedy to the future living such terrible times. The primary subject to this convention should be the relinquishing of U.S hegemonic dominance, toward a humble and happy nation. We begin a new leaf, its the season, to give them a reason,

Revolt with Love, Remember our past, Cherish the emancipation of your soul.

I do believe the people would be ready for armed revolt, but they must be silent gorilla style until the battle has shifted.

This is where I would start. We cannot shut it down without an alternative. We must know what will be in our declaration of independence and our social contract.

yt = classicalliberalism

Patriotic Senex

All of the suggested "solutions"...

in the video play right into the hands of the tyrants. Not paying the banksters and blockading Congress is exactly what Homeland Security was designed to crush. And fleeing the country suggests that tyranny is not a global agenda, but it is global, so cowards that don't value liberty enough to fight for it will not find a place to run and hide. I think it's important to note that the author of this post is an anarchist. So it's not surprising that the suggested "solutions" only empower the tyrants that anarchists claim to oppose. Criminal elites are prepared for a systemic collapse that will allow them to implement a global totalitarian economy under the guise of keeping order.

The only possible solution is to first recognize that the tiny criminal elite running the country is more vulnerable than most people realize. Why? To varying degrees, representative government still exists at the county level. So county Sheriffs and prosecutors provide the best option for bringing criminal elites under the law. Using the law (the Constitution and Bill of Rights) as our weapon of choice gives us the moral high ground and takes away Homeland Security's justification for pulling the trigger. Click on the link to "Resist gun control" for more info.

http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

Good video! Required viewing

Good video! Required viewing for all Americans!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

COUNTDOWN...is on...

Because of Sandy Hook, Obama's gun agenda is merely 4 weeks from it's FINAL conclusion; the Feinstein Bill is a red herring....it's already dead...it's a throw away vote; but the national registry bills, THAT's what Americans do not understand...examination leads to registration leads to investigation leads to confiscation leads to tyranny and then extermination!!!

This is apathetic fearmongering BS

He blames this debt and says there us no way out it can't be paid. He says that getting involved politically is delusional and then says that not paying taxes, blocking congress are solutions? WHo is this guy kidding?

So what are you saying... we

So what are you saying... we should pay taxes? If everyone were stop paying taxes all at once I would be right there with them. Taxes are immoral. Taxes are part of a communist system. He is correct. There is NO mathematical way that the debt can ever be paid back. Blocking Congress is the right solution. 90% of all the problems in this nation are the fault of the Congress. Create the problem then come in and have the solution to fix the problem which always ends up with Liberty lost. They are the ones who are bought off to do the bidding of the mega corporations/world elite. Granger you need to get an education. Why do you think the DHS has bought 2 billion rounds of ammo? Why have they been buying all these armored vehicles? Shall I continue? THIS IS NOT FEARMONGERING.

But then again what would I expect from someone who voted for Romney and tells everyone how great Farakahn is.. Ya I know I spelled the racists name wrong, sorry.

The absolute best thing for this nation is going to be a total collapse of the dollar/economy. Take the blood from the vampire and he dies. Yes we will go through 1 to 2 years of bad times but freedom will await us on the other side. The Federal Government needs to be cut 90%. They could have done it voluntarily. But the economic system/market is going to make the decision for us/them. And it is not going to be nice.

You need to wake up. Congress is a boil on this nations ass. Our founders set up the Congress to be a part time service to the nation. Not a full time ,write laws every day BS system.

Having said that, I do feel we need to be involved politically. But the problem is all the BS vote rigging etc. Hell look at your loyalty oath. Talk about a bunch of BS. Did you stand on principle and vote for Ron or whoever anyway? NOOOOOOO. Don't call this apathetic fear mongering BS. Evidently you are not up on economics or what the Federal Government is up to, which is too maintain power after the economic collapse. Hell, why do think there is a massive push for taking semi automatic weapons from the people?

Congress is a big part of the problem....

Executive Orders should have been considered illegal long ago. The example set by Lincoln set us up for a too-powerful executive branch, and Congress has been cowering almost ever since.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Yeah you should pay taxes

It is fearmongering..

It is standing for principle when you keep a loyalty oath despite the fact it's not what one wanted (I would have hoped the Neocons would have voted Ron Paul had he won the nominations). I voted Romney because I kept my loyalty oath and I'm not saying LF is great.. I'm saying he appears to have the same message as those who say the system is going to collapse.. that's what he says.. that's why I thought maybe he is another Liberty Movement speaker.

Why do I thinl all this threat against the second amendment" But cause it takes people away from thinking about losing the 5th amendment as owning a gun will require a mental health check and as mental health laws get passed on state levels, no one is watching too afraid they will lose theur guns.. and they will.


...trying to rationalize & justify your actions, I see.

In my assessment, you showed your ass by committing to support a anti-constitution candidate.

If you actually had any real 'liberty-principle' you would not have taken an 'oath' to support what was almost certain to be an anti-constitution candidate, but, well, there you were, knowingly lined up to stand with the globalist-collectivist establishment.

What a surprise.

You showed your ass by advancing Louie Farrakhan as a 'liberty movement' member and speaker and continued to show that ugly ass in the face of clear information and evidence that he is a loon, a collectivist, a race-hater, an utter moron on issues of our republic's founding and that he stands opposed to Amendment II.

It was clear that your mantra about Ol' Liberty-Lovin Louie 'evolved' in the thread you started, due to the well-deserved thrashing you took for advancing him...and gee-whiz, you are here trying to re-frame that issue, again.

You exposed yourself (again) and showed your ass (again) by admitting that you are a gun-controller, e.g. anti-Amendment II, which equates to anti-liberty.

Now you advocate, seemingly as if it is a 'duty', for feeding the federal leviathan via unconstitutional taxation. Again, what an utter surprise....not.

A collectivist (to whatever degree) masquerading in liberty-movement clothing, that's you, as I see it.

I gave a lot of thought and consideration and have no regrets

I never supported Romney. I don't know anyone who supported Romney. I gave Romney my vote.. Ron Paul write-in isn't a message. It's a default for Obama.

Everyone elected to a seat takes oaths, so maybe you might find a place in the world where they don't and isolate yourself.

I like the GOP way better than being a Libertarian or Indy. Real good fight in the GOP going on and I love it, whether the GOP cfollapses or continues.. I'm very happy to have a front row seat to the action.

I have learned a lot about Liberty Loving Louie, and find it amazing that the NOI is the fasting growing religion in the world, though many Muslims consider it a cult, it is growing because it's host is the US prison system.. prisoners ministering to ministers within.

Yeah, there should be some controlls on guns..and I've expressed what those are and don't find them any more of a problem than having a license for a bike or dog.

LOL Like I'm so worried about being exposed.. go for it and have a good time while you're at it.

Peace be with you.

Uh Huh...

Your quote:
** "I never supported Romney. I don't know anyone who supported Romney. I gave Romney my vote.. Ron Paul write-in isn't a message. It's a default for Obama." **

Uh, yeah, you did. You climbed on the globalist-collectivist GOP-bandwagon and knowingly did so, despite your attempts to frame it as being something else.

Your quote:
** "Everyone elected to a seat takes oaths, so maybe you might find a place in the world where they don't and isolate yourself." **

Uh, not everybody 'takes oaths'. We all have choices and your choice at that time, being in the globalist-collectivist GOP, was to either take an oath to support and advance whoever was the nominee (knowing that the GOP nominee was going to be an anti-constitution party-hack), or decline and walk away.

You simply made the willful choice to knowingly support the collectivist-establishment.

Your quote:
** "I like the GOP way better than being a Libertarian or Indy. Real good fight in the GOP going on and I love it, whether the GOP cfollapses or continues.. I'm very happy to have a front row seat to the action." **

Uh, yeah, I am certain that you do. It is obvious by your actions and by your rhetoric.

Not knowing you, I can only surmise from the stuff you vomit out on these forums, that you are a far better fit as a gun-controlling, quasi-collectivist, Kalifornia GOP aparatchik, than you would be trying to adopt a mantle of 'liberty support' in a group largely made up of real liberty advocates. Hell, the GOP-hacks probably think you are the cats-ass of liberty-advocacy, when, in reality, you are a pale comparison in real liberty circles.

Your quote:
** "I have learned a lot about Liberty Loving Louie, and find it amazing that the NOI is the fasting growing religion in the world, though many Muslims consider it a cult, it is growing because it's host is the US prison system.. prisoners ministering to ministers within." **


He remains a nincompoop, a constitutional ignoramus, opposed to Amendment II and a collectivist race-hater.

Your quote:
** "Yeah, there should be some controlls on guns..and I've expressed what those are and don't find them any more of a problem than having a license for a bike or dog." **

Well, there we have it, again. You are a gun-controller which makes you anti-liberty and anti-Amendment II.

Who gives a rat-f-u-c-k what 'you' find to be a problem? Amendment II was enumerated to prevent people just like you from using government to do what 'you' have expressed as your desire.

That aside, the fact that you equate the fundamental natural-right that is enumerated in Amendment II as 'Liberty's Teeth', to licensing a bike or a dog, well, that once again provides indisputable evidence of your collectivist underlying ethic and philosophy.

Your quote:
** "LOL Like I'm so worried about being exposed.. go for it and have a good time while you're at it." **

Clearly you have at least a modicum of concern about being seen as what you really are...that being a gun-controlling, Farrakhan-advancing, Neo-Rand-supporting, GOP-whore.

I know this to be so because you have repeatedly attempted to minimize the potential impact of these self-evident things being clarified and highlighted. You have also, on multiple occasions, attempted to rationalize & justify your actions and rhetoric and to actually re-frame what you previously stated and done.

So, yeah, LOL indeed.

Your quote:
** "Peace be with you." **

Thanks, but I am not a 'peacenik nor a lovenik' where it comes to preserving, protecting and advancing Liberty.

Your mileage obviously varies.


No, I didn't

I did not join the GOP for Romney. I did not petition to get ballot access and a committee seat for Romney. I did not take a loyalty oath for Romney. I did not have Romney campaign materials, but rather led the CA NW as a volunteer teamleader who worked with the CA state Ron Paul campaign (they would not work with me unless I was a republican) and NW district had more support for Ron Paul than any... SF was 25%, Santa Cruz 23%.. Mendo was 18%, Humboldt, Del Norte over 14% and trinity 13%.. so we did very well, and I was named with the sec of state as a Ron Paul national delegate, distrcit 2. I know who I supported and why, and the loyalty oath was a shame, but so would have been breaking it.. Ron Paul did not win and wasn't going to win so I voted against Obama but not for Romney, for my committee seat, which I could have lost voting on moral principle rather than political principle.. moral principles and personal, political principles are not, so don't confuse the two when refering to a person's politics.. just know that to not know the difference is why your idea won't win your way.

Your not knowing me does not curb your arrogant insults to hurt me, and it's because you don't know me, that your insults are so far off mark, it reflects your own poor judgement.

As for LF.. leading the fasting growing religion is interesting being it's host is US prisons. It says something about US prisons that are all the more reaspn for closing them rather than housing LF's freedom and liberty loving cult.

Clearly, your venom is your problem, not mine.

A license for a bike?

Is this a nonmotorized bike? Where do you live?

Here in TX you do not need a license for a dog or a bicycle, nor do you need a license to carry a long gun or to own a handgun.

-Matthew Good


Bicycle licenses are free and optional, yet helpful in case of theft, and dog licenses are madetory as are vaccinations (not insurance yet).

And yes, you have to have a license to own a gun, you should have a class in gun saftey or at least Hunter saftey to qualify and we have several organizations, gun clubs that offer classes and certificates for license..

Maybe these laws chased folks out of CA? But it sure didn't stop the number of people who love and own guns from continuing their passions, and that's good.

I'm not against...

states deciding what they need to do for their citizens. If y'all want to license things, more power to you.

Individual cities here in TX have laws where you must vaccinate your dogs against Rabies, and the number of dogs owned, etc.. but I don't think any licensing is required.

and I 'STAND WITH RAND', and cannot wait for Round 3!

-Matthew Good

Right on

I have to have a license to hunt and fish, drive a car, have a business.. I saw DeVore and Rove at the CA GOP convention telling everyone how great TX is and why TX is pulling folks out of CA.

I too

"have to have a license to hunt and fish, drive a car, have a business" I really don't mind paying a fee to fish personally because I know it goes to restocking lakes and keeping the parks available. With nature moving further and further, we need our bastions of blue and green sanity.

Texas IS a really great state, but CA has its benefits as well. Much of why I love Texas is based on my tribal patriotism. In other words, I can't help it, and I don't want to help it. haha..

The weather is always all over the place. One day it will be snowing the next it will be 70 degrees. Seriously. I have heard the weather in CA is always awesome, from people who used to live there;-)

-Matthew Good

Reasonable taxes

reasonable taxes I am for some taxes, but not when they are for bailing out ba businesses or testing monkeys for marijuana so to speak..

CA is micro climates. The Pacific Ocean, lakes, mountains, rivers, that runs tropical in San Diego to cloud forest, where I am now in Mendocino. Then there's the valley's where we have agriculture and we have geoengineering, so the climate is changing.. CA is beautiful, and I guess there is something in the weather because people who live here for a long time get lazy, while people new here are so blown away they take the jobs and do very well.. I've been told many times by successful people in CA that they succeeded because Californians are lazy.. but they say that about Hawai'ians too. I've passed through TX on the 10 at least three times.. maybe 5. Enjoyed Austin, didn't really like Houston or Galveston.. I've met many wonderful people from Texas, and am proud to say that I make a vegan chili that vegetarians from Texas flip out because it tastes like the Texas Chili they grew up with (part of my secret is soyrizzo).

You are right, but the

You are right, but the complete and total worldwide economic collapse is 100% mathematically guaranteed. Our job after that is to place blame where blame is due, lock up the criminals who did it to us, and restore the country to the way the Constitution originally intended.

I don't buy it

Collapse happens everyday all the time.. everyday someone's world collapses... I have watched films about Argentina's collapse, the communist take over of China, the fall of the German Wall.. and it appears that collapse effects people differently.. When I work the soup kitchen.. I see many people whose lives have collapsed..so the collapse is already here, but that will not make the landscape look like Doom computer game.

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said except Granger is not right.

I'm not scared of Granger's

I'm not in agreement with Granger's assessment. It will be bad, our federal government employees will be dead in great numbers if they chose to go to war with the citizenry, I don't think they will, and I think Americans will find a way to feed and shelter ourselves adequately to get through the bad times. Consumer shopping will take a hit. I have an enormous amount of gigs of entertainment to make it thru. I've been studying economics as my hobby for some 35 years. I'm in agreement with much of Zero Hedge. My will for the outcome I prefer is very strong. It's only money, the world can get over it.

There is going to be a gun

There is going to be a gun and rifle behind every blade of grass in America. Do our federal government employees really think they can win a war against the citizenry?

They can... they will take

They can... they will take the playbook from Stalin and starve us. How many of you have food stored with ammo etc? Stores only have 3 days worth of food until they must be restocked. Stop the trucks and the trains from running and it's one week and over. All these so called, very short sighted citizens of this nation will be on their knees. Hopefully everyone is preparing for this.

From the comment section:

Dollars described by seconds...

1 Million seconds ago >>> 12 days ago

1 Billion seconds ago >>> 32 years ago

1 Trillion seconds ago >>> 32,000 years ago

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Thank you for the tangible insight


"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul