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MSNBC Daily Diet of News (Updated)

Update: Ed Shultz is gone.

1) Two hours of Ad Hominem attacks from Chris Matthews.

2) One hour of Screaming, Yelling, and Lecturing from Al Sharpton and No Ed Shultz.

3) One hour of Simpering Progressivism from Chris Hayes.(New Edit)

4) One hour of Snarky remarks from Rachel Maddow.

5) One hour of Condescending remarks from Lawrence O'Donnell.

6) Many side dishes of all of the above and Insults from them all for dessert.

That's why nobody watches MSNBC anymore. People just can't take the punishment.

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Looks like my Ed Shultz is on

Looks like my Ed Shultz is on the way out the door at MSNBC comment came true.


is Fox News for Democrats, need I say more?

My brain hurts.......is what

My brain hurts.......is what i would be saying if i went through that

I wonder is it because

Maddow was never able to be a cheerleader at school that she's happy to be one now. imho she's better than that and it's a shame she is all about helping her team win the game rather than being a game changer and force for good herself.

Matthews, sharpton, ed, and o'donnell are just mirror images of what's on fox.

MSNBC uses the low level

MSNBC uses the low level intelligence voters as a weapon against American principals. Especially Hispanic voters who have no concept of what Liberty really means, and because they know they are a very pliable weapon.

Just read your comment.

Latinos forgot more about liberty than you will ever know.
; )
Btw, did you ask your mom about this?

I hope we can re-educate them

I hope we can re-educate them on what they forgot. Mexico can be great again.

There's something about the Irish Mexican blood mixture that filters out the gullibility of the Irish while keeping the good parts and removing the low level intelligence portion from Hispanic blood. The looks department needs work.

Ooh. You sound like a eugenicist.

"...the low level intelligence portion from Hispanic blood...."

tisk tisk...I beg to differ. You are out of your mind. Try getting over your resentment and befriending one, please.

Do you know who I am? If you do, don't expose it. Otherwise, think.

Mexicans forgot more about freedom than Americans can even grasp for years to come, notwithstanding libertarians. They well know government is not to be trusted. They know how to take care of themselves. They would never believe government would want to or could take care of them. They have not been bogged down with ridiculous laws and taxes for a generation. Shall I continue?

Befriend one or have a visit to the country you are dissing.

Perhaps I'm conflating the

Perhaps I'm conflating the word intelligence with level of Education, but a type of intelligence called instinct is hereditary.

Eugenicist? just the opposite. I want every responsible person to have a gun so that never happens. Why don't the Mexicans use their brains and allow their citizens to have a 2nd amendment like ours? Why don't the Mexicans open their borders like America and get rid of their draconian immigration laws? Why doesn't America help Mexico, showing them how to make real freedom changes in their own country? I was talking about myself in that last sentence. Ha Ha.

Did the floors turn out nice?

They're lovely, thanks.

Smooth as a baby's bottom. What a freakin' nightmarish amount of work though.

Mexico needs to help America to learn about freedom, my friend. Seriously! Have a visit. Take Ma.

It's Ok to disagree on some

It's Ok to disagree on some things. Talk to you later.

Fancy meeting you here.

Did you get kicked out of Tyler's again?

"Guns for Jews and You"?
Behave now.

For the third time. I'm

For the third time. I'm serious about GJY. It's going to go National. It'll be a non-profit. There will be reasonably paid staff and create jobs. We want to make sure there will never be another Holocaust again.

Looks like Ed Shultz is on

Looks like Ed Shultz is on the way out the door at MSNBC.

Used to love watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow

Maddow's show has gone downhill so badly I can't watch it anymore. Lawrence O'Donnell literally makes me ill.

There are some things I like about Al Sharpton, but he seriously needs to retire. Way past due date.

Dylan Ratigan is gone unfortunately. Ed Schultz is nothing but loud hot air.

Chris Matthews is occasionally good, especially if he has Howard Fineman or David Corn in for analysis.

Though today Chris touched on gun control and called it 'gun safety'.
I guess the left is trying a new tactic on that front. Maddow covers gun control almost every day, which is why I stopped watching her completely.

Al Sharpton is a race hustler

Al Sharpton is a race hustler who led the false charges in the Tawana Brawley hoax case. MSNBC is far left and all in favor of government control of everything. They love Obama, our Dear Leader. And don't forget that Keith Olbermann fell hook, line, and sinker for that "Chinese Huntsman" ad that was obviously put out by a Huntsman supporter to make Paul supporters look bad. He assumed it was an ad put out officially by the Ron Paul campaign and called Ron Paul THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Few people are as full of undeserved feelings of self importance as Keith Olbermann.

There really wouldn't be much

There really wouldn't be much thought of racism in America if it wasn't for their constant race baiting. Their agenda is not about racism. No one is talking about killing all the black professional sports stars, nor is there anyone who wants to. I'm glad all races in America are allowed to buy guns, it cures real racial hostility.

This is about power and who controls it, so they can further their agenda.

Dylan Ratigan was the best.

Dylan Ratigan was the best. There's really no value in that station anymore. I channel surf and can't keep any of them on for more than 5 minutes at a time without getting a migraine.

Are you guys Blue Republicans or something?


Tunnel Vision

is a terrible disease.

Watching MSNBC doesn't mean I'm a Blue Republican

Any more than reading the Christian Science Monitor means I'm a Christian or reading Haaretz means I'm Jewish

I like my news from many sources both inside and outside MSM

It's like becoming a

It's like becoming a Jehovah's Witness, where they only allow you to read the material that is exclusively published by the higher ups in the ministry. I get what you mean.

What's a Blue Republican?

What's a Blue Republican?

It's a republican...

that needs to m@sturbate more...