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My Conversation With Alex Jones June 2010 - NWO Epic Fail Video Idea

Wow I was so nervous.


The idea basically was to make 'fail' and 'epic fail' videos every time the government tried to pull off one kind of false flag or the other.

Anyone want to make some NWO Fail videos? I'll write the script if you read it!

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4 views of this post, no new comments, immediately after I post about an AI computer pretending to be human. Comment said voices can be cloned and made to sound like I said something I didn't.

Just sayin'.

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gee what reminded me of this?

Who knows who cares?

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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And now it's gone!

Shoot, I was looking forward to hearing your voice.

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fist bump



From Green Bay? I'm in La Crosse. Last time I was in Green Bay was for the Republican State conference last summer.

Yes they had the event in my city

from my latest report I see that nearly everyone was wearing a tie...

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

nice man

good job, good idea ;)

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