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Edible City: Grow the Revolution


I LOVED this movie. I know many will get in a twist about the "Occupy" and "liberal" leanings of some of the people, but that is what I like most. Where in this world is the left / right paradigm collapsing the fastest? In the garden.

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Bump for more victory!

Bump for more freedom and victory!

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We started a mini garden on our patio

it took over and had to be moved to a relative's yard. It promptly took over there, and the vegetables were shared with four families. With teamwork, you can even start it on your patio.

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Victory Gardens

Remember when very small my mother pointing to a narrow but very long strip of grass along a very busy 4 lane street. Learned that during the war, people who lived near by in mostly apartments, put gardens in that area. The entire strip for miles, was a garden.
Victory gardens are making a comeback but doubt that area will ever see gardening again. Those living in that town aren't allowed to even have veggies in their yards. [restrictions]
Think the people have come together but the victory in some areas will only occur when the people work together to overturn restrictions.
Thanks Fishy for another interesting post.


Very good

There is so much space in the cities for gardens, I would love to see this concept realized. The example of Cuba is telling, they did not develop the city farms until they had to and fortunately they had some older experienced farmers to show them the way. Thanks for posting this.

Food is something we can all agree on.

Great movie. Thanks :)

Great movie! I am telling you

Great movie! I am telling you freedom is breaking out all over this country and much of it is happening in the garden. If more people catch the vision a lot of our differences would evaporate.

Thanks for posting we get so busy looking at all the negative its good to see the positive to balance things. There is a lot of positive stuff going on if you look for it.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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