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2nd Amendment. There's Only One Question. Why Is This So Difficult?

I'd like each of these people who believe in "gun control" to be asked if they believe the 2nd amendment is for defense against the government or not. That is the only question which needs to be responded to by these UNEDUCATED people.

Side note
Now if I were to say you were "uneducated" on a certain topic would you get INSULTED by that? If so, that is unfortunate because you've been brainwashed and programmed perfectly. That is the STATE's expected conditional response. You are supposed to feel insulted so you stay DUMBED DOWN and do not inform yourself on what I'm talking about. You refuse to be educated by a peer because you're upset with me and personally offended. You will find this feeling goes away shortly after you stop watching the Television Programming that's being piped into your living room by the STATE.

That's how the matrix works. We all do our little part to keep the gears turning. If you're allowing me to control your emotions you are only feeding the mass tyranny machine.

I learn from everyone. Even Luna.
End side note

So let's get an answer to this question. At that point you know exactly where you are at with this or that individual. I would venture to bet close to 100% of them have never read the constitution and are not aware that the founders INTENT after just winning a WAR from a BRUTAL KING -> Was to make sure that it "never happened again."

That's why we're "free" or at least some of us think we are. That's why most of the "free world" is free. Our 2nd amendment, because if you look around the founders were quite genius. They knew that if the government ever came for the guns the people would realize that is completely unnatural - to not be able to defend themselves from government. It is a primary thread of the fabric of our society.

They knew the people would rise up. The 2nd amendment was we the peoples' insurance policy and it is the foundation of our independence. Not our country's independence but each individual people's independence.

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