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High gold prices are making it worthwhile to look for the metal in unusual places

The journey from the surface to the rock face at the bottom of TauTona, the world's deepest gold mine, takes almost an hour — even with the lifts that bring the workers down each of the mine's three shafts travelling at 58 km per hour. In the dark, hot, cramped tunnels nearly 4 km underground, workers excavate a thin dipping vein of gold ore. Rock is taken to the surface and the gold is extracted using a process that can be traced back to the 1880s: the ore is crushed and sprayed with cyanide to leach out the gold metal.
Demand has never been higher, but nearly all the easy gold has already been mined. So, to maintain production, mining companies are turning to more difficult sources that would have been left in the ground if gold prices had been lower. From the depths of TauTona in the South African veldt, all the way up to Pierina in the Peruvian Andes, 4,100 metres above sea level, miners are digging deeper than ever before, going to more remote locations and politically volatile regions.

At the same time, significant amounts of gold can easily be obtained without digging into the earth at all — just by recycling the gold buried in the growing mountains of discarded electronics. The advent of more efficient ways to recycle gold from gadgets has turned scrap into a major source of the precious metal.
More: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v495/n7440_supp/full/49...

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Spring Thaws Bring Gold !

Gold is found all over the world. Melting winter snows and rains wash small amounts of Gold into rivers and streams every spring.
Gold panning is excellent for physical fitness, and with any luck could be very profitable.


High priced?, and Gold in the same sentance

Tells me this article is sarcasm so I didn't read it.

4 down votes haha

='s 4 people who think Gold is expensive right now. I am sad for your futures.

the cost of mining gold is

the cost of mining gold is increasing faster than the market price of gold. something isn't right.

This blew my mind...


I'm sure this has made it's way on to the DP somewhere, but, with today's technology, we can actually turn mercury (cheap), into gold. The process is very expensive, but, there is a cost threshold where it might start to make sense.

The process has to do with removing a proton from a special type of mercury, one way with high voltage, another with radiation.

Here is a link from modern marvels, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErJDjovfdn0.

Just wait

Once we hit the five figure mark gold will be to valuable to wear in public.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

In Mexico

I had a drug dealer (we talked to everyone we net) tell me I should stop wearing my $5 WalMart watch, that there were people who would kill me for it. When people get poor enough, any flaunting of "wealth" becomes foolish.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Gold plating

Wondered about gold plated items. The article did cover gold plating on copper. Have no idea what base metal my gold plated items have. Figure the coating must be pretty thick since everything is very old and heavily 'fondled'. The chess set for instance, if a thin layer, it would be gone or worn off after 25 years of handling daily. Same with a Tea set used, washed daily. Anyone know or are you also wondering about it since the price is now through the roof?


They did an article on Tom's

They did an article on Tom's Hardware where they got a gram of gold from some old computer parts. It was ~$50 a gram back then and I can't imagine that the chemicals, equipment (you only pay for once), and gas/energy to melt the extracted powder into a solid object would cost less than $50.

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Gotta Love the Free Market

The nimble, flexible, market manages to be innovative, even in competition with the bigger, badder, predators.

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