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We've Got PLENTY of People Involved. Now This Movement Needs Financing. So Where Do We Get It?

Why the F do we ignore the sheriffs around here at the Daily Paul? I thought we wanted our rights respected??? We let most of them RUN UNOPPOSED and instead follow the bright flashy thing... the senator or the representative.

Why would anyone spend a dime anywhere else other than helping a neighbor or feeding their family... improving the quality of their own lives?

This movement needs financing. There are plenty of GUARANTEES when it comes to putting up a good sheriff. You can calculate easily the amount of cash you need to win that election. Let's find some counties that are ripe for the picking and get ourselves at least a few straggling pockets of freedom in this country before it's too late.

Everyone's trying to save the entire country instead of just STARTING with a few safe havens. The resistance needs a beach head.

After 20+ years in this fight... I STILL at this point cannot go ANYWHERE in the country where I can assert all of my rights without fear of likely being assaulted by public servants. That needs to change and I'm willing to bring my economic power to bear for any county and sheriff that would honor their oath to actually uphold it. I'm sure plenty of others at the Daily Paul would move there in a heartbeat if we could GET JUST ONE!

I live in a society right now which does not quite exist yet (in a constitutional republic) and it's virtually impossible to operate economically when that system has not even been SET UP in my local community. That's what a constitutional sheriff could do - it would release my economic power! I want to just start making my widgets and put a sign up on the side of the road - open my folding table and go to work!

We've got plenty of people involved right now. Think about how many people are involved in independent media compared to the WELL FINANCED lame stream media? The solutions would create themselves if we could finance these people. Don't you agree?

We dump an OBSCENE amount of money into politicians.

We shouldn't be giving a dime to any politician!

We should be spending whatever political cash we wanna spend GETTING A SHERIFF ELECTED who will uphold and respect our rights. That can be done in your local community, with signs... with you knocking doors... with you visiting your local court house to see how many people in your county might have a beef with the STATE not respecting their rights. This is a SLAM DUNK issue isn't it?

Short of INVESTING in a local sheriff - EVERYTHING ELSE needs to go into some form of INFORMING the public. I'm just laying out what I believe is the quickest and most likely do-able path to the goal line before the clock runs out. The gun grab is on because we the people have pushed the issue. We have MADE THEM pull the rip-cord WAY TO EARLY. Now we've gotta turn up the heat and push this thing over the edge.

For that we need to RE-Focus our efforts. We need to sharpen our swords and be even MORE effective. What are our PRIORITIES?

YOUR SMARTEST LIBERTY DOLLAR is invested in a SHERIFF -> Or on some form of independent media.

Without question. it's just MATH and if you know how to change a tire you're capable of stepping back and overall diagnosing these problems for what they are:

#1) Problem: Sheriffs don't honor their oath (who cares about any other public official).

#2) Problem: The PEOPLE are ignorant.

There are ROOT solutions to these problems. Why are we HACKING AT THE BRANCHES?

Answer 1) Get a new sheriff.
Answer 2) Educate the people. (Through DUH independent media).

The corporate advertisers are doing a plenty good job pulling in the profits... just look at the DOW. How are you feeling financially?

If you have a website and want to earn a living in investigative journalism/independent media then drop me a line. Financing options are available. (I've made plenty of recommendations in previous posts.)

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Get a lobbyist to promise goodies to corporations and dough will

Get a big-gun lobbyist for the liberty movement who can promise real goodies to big corporations and the dough will roll in.

Former Senator Mike Gravel is an LP member. He ought to lobby on behalf of the party to promise major regulatory book burning and that ought to get the big corporations to fork over the dough.

Otherwise, it won't work around here. The Ron Paul Super-Brochure lobbied all over the DP last year and got hammered by critics. They must have preferred handing over cash to Jesse Benton who used it to run attack ads on behalf Bishop Willard Romney.

This crowd is not reliable for such things.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Further descriptions of the same root problems

are not necessary. I'm requesting an up or down vote on our priorities.

Fine. There's your DOWN vote.

Fine. There's your DOWN vote.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


that was productive.