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Why the Money System Doesn’t Work And How YOU Can Fix It (Chapter One)

Are We On The Same Page With What The Problem Is?

Well the first reason that the “money system” doesn’t work is that it isn’t a money system. In my estimation as much as 90% of Americans are not clear on the fact that the system which pretty much runs the entire globe’s economy doesn’t have one ounce of money in it.

It’s all debt. It’s all promises to pay and promises which are never kept. Now before we get into the mathematical wrongs and the pre-meditated mal-intent of the founders of this current economic monstrosity, it’s important that you, dear reader, become aware of the FACTS which support the THEORY that you are right now living on 5% of your labor energy. You have 95% percent of that energy at your disposal and instead it is expended in some form or another to a bank.

...because you really don't have another viable option.

Let’s overlook the fact at the moment it’s all fraud, since it is fundamentally theft by deception. It is contracting with private parties when the parties in most cases don’t even know they are contracting. Do you know you are contracting perhaps 20 or 30 times per day in the regular course of life? These are LEGALLY binding contracts which give Attorneys ammunition to be able to take your property since you probably don't know how to defend yourself.

What do you think? Should you get an Attorney?

You are presumed to know you are making these trades of energy for fiat and involving "the government" in your transactions while granting a gift of labor to the corporation which is doing business as (hereinafter “DBA”) "the government."

Did you know that?

You see it is a private banking cartel which prints our country’s money. They can print as much as they want. We have to slave work for it. They get to print it. There is not a shred of transparency or oversight into this process. They can literally go in the back door and hit the zero key a few times if they need a few billion. Boy wouldn’t that be nice if we could all just click, click, click a few billion into our bank accounts hey?

You have pledged allegiance to the republic yet you support an illegitimate governing body which violates the very constitution it uses as its by-laws just by its existence and perceived position in the world. Were any Americans involved in all this legalese that got us here? How have we given up the very ability to regulate our own exchanges with other private individuals? Where did “the government” get the power to regulate and ENFORCE a monopoly over the ONLY “legal” medium of physical exchange in our society?

Of course these questions are rhetorical. If you’ve picked up this book you probably already know the answers. The purpose of this book is to answer the question: How do we solve the problems if we already know what they are? We’ve spent plenty of time with the education process. Don’t you think it’s time for a bit of hands on training?

This book will propose a revolution in how we conduct our lives in the course of the day. This will affect how we get our food and what we do with stuff we’re not using anymore. If you look you will see the riches all around you. The reason you don’t recognize the riches is because you can’t conceive of using your old washing machine in place of cash to go down to the grocery store and fill up your cart.

Now before you get the wrong idea. I’m not proposing “direct-barter” as a solution to our problems. That is when you need to find someone who wants a washing machine who is willing to trade it for some groceries. That is obviously a flawed system in today’s society for the simple reason that the masses will not use it because it violates the instant-gratification principle. Our solution needs to include an upgrade on the current system without too much “learning curve” for the people who just are not “into politics.”

At the end of this book you will recognize the core value of the assets you already have at your disposal, and how you can utilize them to create a business for your family which will be self-sustaining and grow like a wildfire. The best part is it costs almost NOTHING to get started and see how the business runs. Later on you might decide to invest in some upgrades just from having to overcome the growing pains of course! Have no fear. I will not be asking you for any “money.” This book that you just purchased is financing the programming and web development for the system we will be talking about. Membership at the site will be free.

The solution to our economic problems is to take back our labor energy, through independent private VIRTUAL credit systems which can be regulated locally, on a trade by trade basis with no central authority flooding the market with too much credit or cutting off the credit flow at their own whims. You will also have to have the ability to switch to paper on a moment’s notice instead of relying on computer databases to keep track of everyone’s credit in your system.

The core of your independence is based on being able to get what you need without any interference from others based on voluntary contracts with the people you deal with on a daily basis.

If THEIR system goes down, YOUR system needs to be up and running or the promised mass chaos that is basically lame stream news now is going to become a reality. The author hopes this book will be a lightning rod of focus for the people who read it. We need to sharpen our swords and be more effective with the 5% that we have.

It’s the two minute warning, they got the ball, we’re up 6 points and they are marching down the field. It’s time to rally our economic defense. That means securing our food, water, shelter and clothing without having to pay for it with their “cash” since they will be able to yank it out of our bank accounts anyway.

Civil unrest gives them the excuse to take more power. Haven’t they taken enough already which was never granted to them by the people in the first place? Of course they have. Now the question is how can we get some of that power back? The simplest answer and thus obvious solution is to cut “the government’s” funding. The quickest way to handle that would be to take back our power to be able to make private exchanges without “the government” having their hand in every transaction by dictating what medium we use to make our trades.

The best part about this: Not only is it constitutional and therefore lawful, it even jumps through all the hoops of their legalese. This system works on the same principle as one of those big box stores that do credit vouchers in place of exchanges when you bring something back to the store.

Now take that concept and using your credit voucher in place of cash (both are just paper anyway) pay your friend for whatever it is you’ve agreed to buy from him. As long as he shops at that store the credit voucher has as much value as the cash since he can save his cash that he previously spent there and spend it elsewhere.

Now the main questions are how do we get everyone to shop at the same store and how do we avoid the obvious problems the resulting monopoly would create?

First, we need to give ANYONE the ability to start their own private credit system (enabling many stores using this system to pop up). Secondly we need to create a way for you or someone you know who is willing to do the work, to be able to amass the kind of selection of inventory which can rival that of the big box stores, without having to spend any cash.

To Be Continued...

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