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Paul Ranks 1st Among Republicans in Internet Traffic

I just found this interesting site and found this chart


I would trust Google stats more.

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PAUL Ranks 1st in the

PAUL Ranks 1st in the Republican race... The should be your headline :o|


Hows that?

Maybe that will get a few more reads and comments on this post. Google Trends shows a huge advantage for RP for people searching by the candidates by name



Paul ranks first plus

First, that spike you see for Thompson was when he announced, since then he has dropped like a rock. In addition, Paul is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary. And if you go to alexa.com you can see that Ron Paul has a nice steady climb.

Alexa numbers are bad

I don't trust Alexa numbers very much or Hitwise either. The campaign site is using Urchin by Google. I wonder if they'd be willing to release their data?


anyone else surprised

the genuine flare of interest expressed in fred thompson.. though it largely subsided

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"