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Biblical Government: Anarchy, Minarchy or Statism?

"If you adhere to a minarchist view of civil government, a statist has probably accused you of being an anarchist at least once in your life. This accusation is totally unfounded but it still happens. For example, let’s say you submit an argument against wealth redistribution, the income tax, the drug war, or militarism. Instead of your opponent offering an intelligent response, they jump to the conclusion that you oppose all government and want it all shut down. This is a straw-man fallacy used with the intent of smearing your reputation. This has happened to me in private discussions and you’ll probably see this happen in the news media against limited government politicians. Statists have a hard time defending their views with morality or constitutional law so they try to refute minarchy by attaching an illegitimate stigma to it."

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Book of Samuel tells how

Book of Samuel tells how government should be. He makes it clear that centralized government is evil.



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