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Pharma murders new mother.

Before SSRIs:
“She was wonderful — very devoted to the court (and) wonderful with everyone she worked with,” said her boss, John Werner, chief court clerk. “It’s a tragedy."

After SSRIs:
“The note said she was not happy and she talked about what she planned to do,” a source said. In the note, Wachenheim is “saying to her husband, ‘I love you. I’m making you suffer. You’re going to think I’m evil,’” a source said.

“She thinks she’s a failing mother. On the last page, she refers to postpartum depression. She was supposed to see a therapist, but she blew him off."

Now, I am here alive and well telling you - THAT IS WHAT SSRIs DO TO MANY BRAINS. You cannot form a positive thought about yourself, and then you have the "professionals" blame your "personality" and give you MORE of the suicide pills.

You just don't know how close this story is to "That could be me." FOUR suicide attempts thanks to those fucking pills. And here is the thing, not everyone goes "cannibal" - SOME PEOPLE TURN THE GUN ON SOCIETY and engage in mass murder.

They are feeding these drugs to anyone and everyone, and they are killing more of our soldiers than "enemy combatants." If they want to "protect America" they need to DRONE PHARMA. Well, even for bastards as evil as Pharma, I still prefer arrest and trial.

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I hope you are off the pills, fishy


Here is a great resource I found

that lists/links the medical journal articles on these drugs:

that is so sad..

the comments are awful too.

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It's the practicioner's responsibility

These medicines are tools, and they need to be used correctly. I take an SSRI, citalapram, and it doesn't make me suicidal or murderous, it causes an excellent improvement in my mood. This is the case for almost everyone: that these medicines work well. We're only hearing about the outliers suffering bad outcomes.

Most people on antidepressants have good outcomes. The fact that some people have bad outcomes doesn't trump the positive outcomes in others. If it screws you up, quit taking it and blame your doctor for not figuring out you were a bad candidate for the particular drug. Prescribers need to take responsibility for monitoring their patients.

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Distraught lovers have been killing themselves for ages

Calling them "suicide pills" and accusing Pharma of murder is fear mongering. These emotional attacks on chemicals are so frustrating. Actions are committed by people, not drugs.

Fishyculture is angry and wants to drone bomb pharma, but this attitude of BAN DRUGS I DO NOT LIKE is exactly how we have a draconian War on Drugs.

One of the greatest sources of revenue for Pharma

is nursing homes. These poor people are on several SSDI's at once not to mention the plethora of cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, blood thinning, and dementia medicines. They rarely question what they are given and are like zombies most of the day.

I wish people would stop trusting doctors without doing some research first. Drugs are not always the solution and often exacerbate the problem with side effects that can lead to death.


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When a Doctor Asks You if You're Depressed,

always, always say NO! but in a calm, collected manner. Even if you feel like crap, it's better than being forced fed the equivalent of a bad acid trip.

Good point

I don't even go to doctors any more. I can't stand the lack of privacy, and most of the time, the internet is a better doctor than an actual MD, for my purposes.

I never had acid make me suicidal.

I was a teen in the 70's, I did some acid. Never anything as bad as the SSRI hell.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I was always told that acid

would make you want to jump out of windows. My sixth grade english teacher said she had to hold her college roommate down because she wanted to fly after taking it. My cousin tried to light himself on fire after Zoloft at age 12.

Do you know how acid made it to the streets of my youth?

The CIA.
Anyway, they lied about it a lot. I worried myself nearly sick through 2 pregnancies. I had been told it could alter chromosomes - that was a lie. I know people HAD bad trips on acid, I just never knew anyone, and we did a lot of acid in those days. I had one friend who developed "permafry" from it, but even he never tried to hurt himself. I've also never had a "flashback" which I was told I would have the rest of my life.
As for the SSRIs, other than what they did to me, my husband had a co-worker kill himself on them and we had our last landlord kill himself on them, and we had a friend on his way to visit from Arkansas who had to turn around and go home to attend the funeral of a friend's wife who had just killed herself on them. I had a dear friend turn into a sexual deviant on them, blew her life to hell. That is just in my little world.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Methinks the CIA changed tactics

slightly. Instead of buying mind altering drugs off the street, get the doctors to push them and call them medicine. Reminds of Clockwork Orange, where everyone is drinking drugged milk. Everyone I've ever known who's been on this stuff turned into a zombie, and then did start acting weird.

My cousin moved back with his dad on the farm after his incident. Got off all drugs, grew a foot, got involved in 4H and looks forward to running their big farm some day.

I love it when people say that they're on SSRIs and their just fine. Yeah, but how does everyone else see you? I know that birth control makes me crazy. How did we ever cope without mind-altering drugs? I think it was called sucking it up and focusing on stuff outside of yourself.

SSRI are very dangerous

I have some personal experience with SSRI, and let me tell you. At first you think it is helping you, you think these drugs actually work, but it is clearly very double edge. If you are mentally unstable to begin with the last thing you want to do is take SSRI, and the worst thing you can do is take more than 1 pill at one time. I tried that once and it was horrific. The absolute worst feeling on my life. I felt suicidal, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I felt like a complete failure. These pills are specifically engineered to give you a front end temporary carefree feeling, but on the back-end it is PURE EVIL. It screws with your brain big time. SSRI's in my opinion should be banned, they are probably the most dangerous pharmaceutical out there. After taking this crap for less than a week I realized that it has the potential for far more harm than good.

Bump for awareness

maybe knowing this will help others, thanks for sharing this.

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It just blows my mind...
If your blood pressure medicine said, right on the label, "May cause strokes" you would fire the doctor prescribing it.
If your diabetes medicine said, right on the label, "May induce diabetic coma" you would fire the doctor who prescribed it.
Sad people show up at the doctor and get handed a prescription for a drug that says, right on the label, "May cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors" and those desperate, sad people take the pill. With the blessing and encouragement of those who claim to love them, but who really do not want to make the effort to be kind and caring - the CURE for most sadness.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

egapele's picture

I can relate

How about my 12 year old son being prescribed MP6 for Chrohn's Disease after being told it will triple his chances of stomach cancer and then reading on the pamphlet that the drug had not been tested in children under 16?



Find a nutritionist who can help you with this, if you can. You can start with the book by Natasha Campbell McBride...good luck, it CAN be done!


chron's can be cured naturally

No grains. Search for the truth.

egapele's picture

Thanks ...

With my son it is an egg intolerance. No eggs, no problems. I found that out by working with an integrative medical doctor.

The pediatric gastroenterologist at a leading research hospital here in my area won't listen to me and refuse to acnkowledge the $700 blood test that shows it. I have made a deal with them - as long as he is not sick, his blood work keeps coming back normal and he continues growing rapidly, I don't have to give him the drugs.


There was a time that doctors would have never done such a thing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Enough Already

Time for accountability

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Here, here.

Someone needs to go to jail for a long time. Period.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


I see this more and more...and it is Hear Hear!. Used in Britain in the house of commons it was always used more as a sarcastic utterance at whoever was making the statement rather than a sincere gesture of support. Just so you know ; )