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CPAC 2013 - Open Thread

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference – an annual gathering in Washington, D.C. where members of the GOP meet to cement their ideology and try out potential presidential nominees for the coming years.

Today's lineup included Sen. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson!

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Most of those there are socialists in a Conservative shell.

Why would any Conservative be associated with and support that bunch?

I would expect to find the Chris Matthews' of the world there :P

What a waste of time imo.


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Nice Picture also!


Rand Paul just won the straw poll just like his father. But, last year CPAC didn't invite Ron Paul so, as to let Romulan falsely win. Rand Paul, Cruz, and the other Tea Party/Libertarian politicans are the future of the GOP. And, they are the only way we win the White House and the Republican Party in the House and Senate.

The old guard - Bone Head, McCainister, and Graham Cracker need to loose or retire in their next election cycle. I would like to add Cantor also, who voted recently to fund Obummer Care.

Great speeches. I loved how Sarah Palin drank from the big gulp soda cup.

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Cruz: We need to audit the Fed!

"We need to end the Dept. of Education"

Wow, this sounds familiar!

Ooops! He just said "we need to stand with Israel."

I like Ted.

I am not going to have my vote decided based on the freaking middle east.

The real enemy among the up and comers is Marco Rubio.

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The real enemy is anyone who doesn't follow the Constitution.

Let everyone be judged by whether or not they follow the Constitution by their votes and their actions, not by just their words. Let's see what happens with the coming foreign aid votes.

You're not to let your vote

You're not to let your vote be determined by Middle East policy? You must be on the wrong site. This site is dedicated to Ron Paul who made our Middle East policies the centerpiece of his campaign.

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Current speaker NRA Keene just said Ron Paul; got big applause!

Then he mentioned Rand, and he got another big applause. Nice.
Keene is NRA President.

New Fox News Poll (Future of the Republican Party)

There is a new poll on Fox News with Rand Paul's name on it. He is in second. We need to fix that!


Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


Keep Voting!

Rubio doesn't have the qualification to become President. Neither did Obummer but, he was still elected.

Rubio is winning so far.

Do CPAC "ballots" already have names on them?

I'm just wondering if you can put anybody's name down or are there checkboxes next to pre-selected names or what? Anybody know?

If the names are already there, then how were
those names determined?

Either way, it's always interesting to see the seedling steps used to
eliminate the literally hundreds of people that
officially run for POTUS before the citizens even know who they are.
As if popularity has been proven to have a significant correlation with ability.
And it makes perfect sense that we require that the
candidates come from the very government
that only 15% of Americans trust in the first place.

Just watched Dr. Ben Carson speak.

This man is awesome! Go Dr. Ben Carson!


He gave an impressive speech

But one thing caught my eye when i heard him discussing "a weakened military". I have not heard anything on his foreign policy views just yet, but this makes me suspect he might be a military hawk.

Other than that, i thought his speech was very impressive.

Ron Paul, and now others have said---

that we need a strong defense, but less 'offense' in countries that don't need us or want us there. So Dr. Carson's comment about the military didn't scare me. Most if not all of the others didn't even mention our military at all.


Based on the context of the sequester cuts

I think that by a 'weakened military' it is more probable that he meant anything cut in the military budget is a bad thing. Someone like Rubio.

You're assuming he is like Ron Paul based on what?

Cruz is extremely dangerous

Cruz is extremely dangerous for the liberty movement. Don't be seduced by him.


We all have known people like him in school imo.

He needs to be vetted further...and see how he votes.


I like him some things about

I like him some things about him but he strikes me as ultimately a grandstander and bit of a demagogue. Another mistaken endorsement which Ron Paul probably regrets.

HE didn't sound dangerous to me.

Could you be more specific.

Sometimes I feel like many of you are actually trying to undermine the movement by trashing those who may actually have a chance to influence events; first Rand and now Cruz.

I am no purist. I have

I am no purist. I have praised Rand enthusiasically for his brave fillibuster. I'll even praise Cruz for his role in that fillibuster....but that doesn't erase the fact that he is an enemy to the libertarian movement. I need cite no further proof than this totally slavish comments about Israel during the Hagel hearings. His behavior during those hearings recalled Joe McCarthy in its liberal use of smears. If you want to trust someone like that, knock yourself out. He's going to have to do more than tag along Rand's fillibuster to convince me that he is anything more than an Israel firster.

He is so much better than

Dewhurst, Kay Baby Hutchinson or even Cornyn!

straw poll

When are the straw poll results released?

why does santorum and romney get to speak

but not Ron Paul? does anyone know if he have the opportunity to speak?

He was invited, but since they snubbed him last year...

He told them he would come if they paid him some big bucks. They had their chance last year. Screw them.


The Good Dr.

That would be awesome. Which is why I don't expect it, lol.

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Dr. Ron Paul's

new handlers wanted a speaking fee, I believe. Also, I doubt he would have wanted to compete with Rand.

it's not that


“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Bobby Jindal opens his speech with a water boarding joke



Support of Rubio is a cynical ploy for latino votes that will not work. We cannont afford another Romney. He is a RINO NEOCON and he is not a good speaker. He has no vision, Rand all the way!!!

This just in: Julie Borowski

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