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Restoring your 2nd Amendment

In 1994 I lost my rights by application of law. I did some time, and used that time well, (got some education) so that I would benefit from the experience and reduce my chances of recidivism.

In 2008 I filed some court papers without a lawyer, and got all my rights reinstated except for my 2nd Amendment. I screwed up and let the judge trick me. I was pressured into giving up my 2nd, in order to get my voting rights back. This allowed me to become a delegate for Ron Paul though. I didnt know at the time I was eligible for both. Had I hired an attorney I would have been fully restored that day, or, If I had only read my state Constitution the day before going to court, instead of the U.S. Constitution, I would have won it all back. Too late now.

I got a reckless driving in 2009, shortly after getting my rights back.

I tried to get my 2nd Amendment back yesterday, and lost. Best case scenario is, I only have to wait 1 more year.

I write this to let others know there is hope! Don't just assume that because you did something wrong a long time ago that there is nothing you can do.

However, be wary of trying to do it on your own. Research the laws in your state. In my state you have to not have so much as a misdemeanor for 5 years. Do your homework now, before it's too late. Don't make the mistakes I made.

I will spend the next year continuing to be good, obeying the laws, working a bunch of OT, and staying out of trouble. I thought I would be more devastated than I am at losing my case, but I can do this. I may have to continue feeding the beast to do it though, sorry. Restoration of my 2A is the most imortant goal in my life. Without it, I am not free.