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Austin TX: Elderly man in wheelchair shot for refusing to hand over gun


"As he approached the residence the armed suspect confronted the officer outside the house. The officer felt threatened, the person was armed, he gave some commands and because of the threat, fired upon the subject," says Pickens." -Sheriff's side of the story.

But be sure to watch the video where a neighbor is interviewed. The neighbor says dozens of shots were fired.

Wake up Austin. You are being disarmed.

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Search warrant gives new spin to John Schaefer story


After shooting Mr. Schaefer the police got a search warrant for his home to confiscate his other weapons and cell phone. The warrant gives details that are very different from the original story. Even the police chief admitted that some "facts" are incorrect. The chief said that Mr. Schaefer did NOT have a holster. The gun was tucked in his waistband.

The story in the warrant seems bogus, IMO. I am surprised that there is so little outcry over this shooting.

More details:

Was it a BB gun?

Watch the local news clip video. The article does not give all the details.

Neighbors claim that they had complained about this particular deputy before. This story proves how important community watch groups are. Otherwise we just get the police side of the story and a blip from the media saying: "Cop shoots gunman in self defense while on patrol in bad part of town."

If you missed the John Schaefer thread or the thread about the Austin City Council's support of gun control:



Shoot first ask questions

Shoot first ask questions later. A cop on your property from a police department with a known record of shooting innocent people is a terrorist threat. In all seriousness just throw down your firearm and ask to lick their boots when you are on the ground ...

City of Austin

Beta test for the New World Order

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This is outrageous.

I hope he pulls through and is able to give his side of the story.

Our history (remember Granny

Our history (remember Granny Clampett?) is going down in flames. We must NOT stand for this!