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Is Heroin being Smuggled in Dead Soldiers Body Bags from Afghanistan & Iraq?

This dead GI's body bag Heroin smuggling tale has been around since the late 1960's although the majority of Americans still choose to consign it merely an Urban Legend it is in fact chillingly true and also very well documented.

During the Vietnam War the bodies & caskets of dead soldiers often contained Heroin being smuggled into the United States on military aircraft. Plastic-wrapped drugs were shipped into the USA in the bottom of caskets, in body bags, and even in body cavities. Upon arrival at Air Force bases the drugs would be removed. One heartless guy who worked in this grisly venture even remarked "Who the hell is gonna look in a dead soldier's coffin?" Is it happening again ? Two well seasoned veterans who had first hand knowledge of the previous operationthinks it's very possible after all Afghanistan now produces over 90% of the worlds Heroin.

During the Vietnam War, the amount of heroin, which was exported to the United States, became so immense that the operations could not remain clandestine. Consequently, in the 1960s, it became prudent for CIA operatives to stash heroin in caskets of dead Americans as well as in body bags, areas, which would be least, searched. When the bodies of American GIs were flown to military bases on the West coast, the heroin could be easily removed. In addition, boxes and crates, which were sent back to the states, carried heroin and coded labels alerted CIA operatives as to where to look.

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Here's a clip from 'American Gangster' ...

Where the heroin smuggling operation is discussed -


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The CIA is a drug and gun running organized crime ring.


Explain that photo.
Explain this article:

Explain why the Taliban had nearly eradicated opium production in Afghanistan, then we invaded and now Afghanistan is the biggest exporter of opium. Do you think our government and military are that incompetent? I do not. I think they are that complicit.

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