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IMPORTANT: Red Herring - Gun Control update by Gun Owner's of America

What Kind of Nation will we be in 4 WEEKS from now?

National registry bills, THAT's what Americans do not understand..."examination leads to registration leads to investigation leads to confiscation leads to tyranny and then extermination"

There are 4 to 5 Gun Control bills floating around Congress; the Feinstein Bill is a RED HERRING, a throw away vote ... LISTEN to this interview from yeasterday with Mike Hammond, General LEGAL Counsel for GOA!!!

WVCY Crosstalk program - segment #1 - March 13, 2013


"To discuss this topic, Crosstalk welcomed Mike Hammond. Mike has spent the better part of his career in government service. He has been a legislative counsel to Senators Bob Smith, Gordon Humphrey, Jesse Helms and Steve Symms. Mr. Hammond was a member of the Department of Education transition team and the Department of Justice Transition team. From 1977–1989 he served as General Counsel to the United States U.S. Senate Steering Committee. He presently serves as a political consultant and writer, as well as General Counsel for the Gun Owners of America."

full show here: http://vcyamerica.org/blog/2013/03/13/the-attack-on-gun-rights

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Soda ban...

Bloomberg's big soda ban was a Red Herring also... Distraction from the gun control laws.

Anonymous Love