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Frothy is back. Will not "stand with Rand."

Santorum Objects to Rand Paul’s ‘Isolationist Policies’
Talking Points Memo

Count Rick Santorum among the Republicans who will not "stand with Rand."

The former Pennsylvania senator and 2012 GOP presidential candidate said Tuesday he disagrees with the approach to national security advocated by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who staged an epic 13-hour filibuster last week in protest of John Brennan's nomination to lead the CIA.

"I disagree with Sen. Paul’s isolationist policies and believe that the most important role of our president is to keep us safe," Santorum told Politico.


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click, kick, lick Okay, I will stop, they all seem to fit if you have any imagination though. Hahahaha.


santorum is one of those

santorum is one of those loons who believe the literal apocalypse will happen in the holy land any day now and would do whatever he could to see it happen.

on an unrelated note, my google spell check wants me to change santorum to Monsanto(I am not making this up, lol, check it out)

Rick, you want to be kept

Rick, you want to be kept safe? Buy a gun, get a conceal carry, get a dog, and install an alarm system - thank you!

Nah, More Like

Stay out of those S and M bars. Hahahahaha. I can't help it. I can just see him in black leather hanging out there. Ohhhh I am SO bad. He brings that out in me! hahahaha again.



The online definition of "Santorum" still stands.

Anonymous Love