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Hollywood History Hoax: Iran hires top lawyer to sue for ‘lies’ in Affleck’s Argo film

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Not based on truths and facts? I am shocked lol


I'm not a hollywood guy,

but IMO, Clooney was behind the awards with this one. He shmoozed (is that a word) with the bigs there to push for an award. The beginning sequence was pretty good, at least in describing the overthrow, but everything following that was crap.

I wish it would have put the list of demands by the Iranians. Which included the Shah's return to Iran, a demand for an apology for American involvement in Iran, including the coup in 1953, and a promise to steer clear of Iranian affairs in the future. Obviously WAAAYYY to much to ask.

Once again, a lot to ask, considering the Shah killed innocents, and we did organize a coup, and we shouldn't involve ourselves in Iranian affairs. But hey, way to go Ben, great work, your a freaking movie genius.. Once again Americans completely miss the obvious point of a historical event that was blatantly skewed by Hollywood. Lincoln anyone?

Does anyone here know what actually happened?


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Argo was Garbage.

Hollywood is just propping up next generation filmmakers and actors and Affleck is one of them.

amityville to sue

over 'horror' allegations.

VERY interesting---Ben Affleck strikes me as NOT

the brightest penny on the block. Yes, he has an imagination and can write an entertaining script, but he obviously has struck a chord with the Iranian people who would not file a major lawsuit against him & the producers, if they didn't have factual proof that the lies perpetrated against the country were done with the motive of showing Iran in a very bad light.

It was obvious watching Affleck make his condescending comments about Iran at the Oscar ceremony that he couldn't cover up his true intent of the film. I seriously doubt he's ever been to Tehran. He is naive in general, and clueless about their culture, and moreover, he needs to grow up. Some day he may realize he was wrong, but he has power in doing movies. It's obvious he wanted something controversial, so he'd have a chance to make big money. But, it's Hollywoodites like this that flagrantly abuse their gift to make movies.

Affleck needs to realize there is NO UNREST in Iran, so leave these people alone. NO UNREST. What does that tell ya? And if there is, let those people handle it themselves!

Anyway, Hollywood better be getting their p's & q's straight, imho. They've stepped into some poop.

he's very intelligent imho

he's knows his film wouldn't have been made without propaganda money/authority and he knows his film wasn't close to what happened. It's funny and sad that the #1 and #2 movies are both propaganda stories put out by the cia.

It was a good movie.

Yes, they most definitely DID take artistic license because, ah, IT'S A MOVIE, not a documentary!

In addition, I personally am inclined to give the film major points for going to great lengths to explain in no uncertain terms how U.S. intervention is what led to the situation - including the 1953 coup!

Heard a great summation.

Isn't it ironic how the wife of the president who failed to rescue embassy personnel gave out an award for a movie about the successful rescue of embassy personnel?


It's the very reason I do not partake in television or Hollywood. The agenda is apparent, the end game predictable, but the evidence of collusion - sparse.

Thanks Silverismoney!

Gee, that seems like

a good idea, it would be nice to get this in the courts and if they are lies to learn what the truth is.

If it is a propaganda movie then let it be exposed. I have not seen it but I understand it is very popular.

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