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Access Denied after posting the truth on Rand Paul 2016 Facebook Page

I've been a big supporter of Rand up until today when he mentioned a
17% flat income tax rate. I posted the following on some status updates by Rand Paul 2016

"Senator Paul may have just lost me for good. 17%? Really? Those making 30k a year would be screwed even more. At 17% they would pay $5,100. In 2012 tax year they paid $4,053.75. This is worse than Hermanator's 9-9-9 plan. You wouldn't be better off in Rand's tax code until you were making over 51k a year. If you file jointly it would be close to 150k total....."

This is quite simply the truth. Those making under 51,000 today pay an average federal income tax rate of les than 17%....this would be horrible for the poor and middle class.

Guess Rand Paul 2016 and whoever runs it is practicing the GOP way of quieting the truth. Don't worry, nothing to see here....

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No I don't think you know

No I don't think you know what you're talking about. He's advocating a flat INCOME tax rate of 17%. A single guy making 30k will pay more under this rate IF FICA and Medicare are not included.

That's a big

"probably" you got there.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Stop looking to a future ruler to save you and just live free

When the masses wake up and stop santioning the master-slave relationship and just start living free...the power that our "rulers" hold over us will start to melt away. The amount of taxation any politican claims is fair is irrelevant. Taxation is theft. The rulers don't have any claim to the fruits and labor of its subjects. In America the government is suppose to be small and its power comes from the consent of the governed. DENY CONSENT

When the masses wake up

hmmm, if only there was a way to accelerate the wake-up of the masses. maybe if we had a libertarian type president i think that would help. what say you?
or we could crawl into the spider hole bunker and not do anything and give up. don't let them pass more laws and arrest more people. we should vote to repeal bad laws like we did here in Colorado and like they did in Washington.

no, giving up and thinking we can ignore them will only end in a bloody battle. the most peaceful transition to a voluntary society is through rand. like i said before, sure work outside of the system as much as possible. be agorist, grow your own food, store food, raise chickens, get silver and bitcoins, have guns and plenty of ammo to protect your family but vote and don't give up. if you give up you will for sure get a long bloody transition to a voluntary society. both ideas will work i just prefer the most peaceful one.

Rand Paul 2016

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

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Nice comment MMJ

For sure the way you describe is how I'd also like to see things happen. I agree that Rand is the best chance we have for reigning in this ever growing monstrosity but I'm really repelled by the whole notion of voting anymore.

You make some excellent points though.

jrd3820's picture

But how will I know how to live free without a leader?

Your comment confuses me.

End sarcasm.

Exactly sir.

Make me

Ha. Not mine, I stole it.

17% made me wince

Only time I winced during his speech. That would be a big tax increase for most Americans. A fair tax is fair, but the truth is we flat out can't afford the government we have now.

wouldn't be so bad if there was a tax free

allowance on the first 10-20k

[expects to get downvoted as if I suggested re-education workcamps and redistribution of all wealth]

I Guess

But then it wouldn't really be a "flat" tax, would it?

everyone gets the tax free allowance

so yes it is a flat tax. it's just a flat tax on everything above 10k (or whatever)

a marginal flat tax is the official term. odd to be criticized on here for putting forward a plan that allows for low income people to pay no tax until they really start earning.

I'm against any kind of (income) tax tbh.

Same ole same ole

Even here in the libertarian forums, the interest groups are vying for power. A flat tax rate is fair, that's the point. If you start saying oh the rich should get more or the poor should get more, then you might as well be democrat or republican.

And the person saying you have to make 51k to benefit from 17% is a liar. I used to make below 50k and I was being taxed around 28% (including SS and medicare). I don't know what numbers or what math you are using.

Go look at the current tax

Go look at the current tax brackets and explain to me how I'm a liar.

Is Rand running for president?

I'm pretty sure Rand has not announced his intentions to run for president, and whatever facebook page you're looking at is entirely unofficial.

Wait were you blocked? I also

Wait were you blocked? I also thought 17% was too high but you can't really pi$$ on Rand for "summarizing" his budget plan in a 20 minute speech that touched on multiple issues. Let's wait until he releases his budget proposal before we demonize. Also, I don't want to sound like a dick but your opening sentence, "Senator Paul may have just lost me for good..." sounds rather hostile and perhaps you were blocked because they thought it was a troll post? Either way I'll vote your post up, it's a good discussion.

You may be right. And

You may be right. And probably is best to wait for the proposal in its entirety. It just doesn't sound good so far. Especially not for most of us.

It is better than today but there is a better way.

The progressive tax should be inverted. The more you make the less taxes you pay. People making $2000 a year should pay 50% taxes while people making over $1,000,000 should pay only 5% taxes. Wouldn't that stimulate people to work more and make more money to put themselves into a lower tax bracket? Oh, if I only make another $500 dollars I'll pay 45% taxes instead of 50% taxes. If everyone is entitled to the same benefits, why not? A person making $2000 a year today is entitled to get food stamps, free healthcare, housing and many other benefits while someone making over $1,000,000 doesn't qualify. It is a win - win situation.

The problem lies with the

The problem lies with the fact that those who acquire more money utilize protection -via government- more than those who make less. So, why should someone who uses a service more pay less?

LOL I enjoyed your post but

LOL I enjoyed your post but no. How about we just stick to repealing the 16th Amendment? I hate that they tax wages, I just hate it. They should only tax money made on investments and even then it should be low. Oh and tariffs too.

Repealing would be great, but until then.

My system would encourage people to work more to reach a higher income. If a person earning $2000 a year pays 50% income tax, then it is likely they receive government assistance, and if this is the case then they need to pay a greater percentage of their income for the benefits they receive. If the income tax is incremented to go down with each increase of income of $500 by say 1%, then by the time a person earned $20,000 a year they would be in the 14% income tax bracket. From there on out anyone earning over $20,000 could pay say a 13% flat tax to say $50,000, from $50,000 to $100,000 would pay a flat tax of 10% and anyone making over a $100,000 would pay 7%. This system stimulates peoples to earn and claim to earn more in order to pay less as a percentage of their income.

Well, you know what politicians say

"I'm a firm supporter of that beautiful person I see reflected in the mirror -- who's kidding whom, it's love."